Heading West...

I am on the brink of leaving Chicago, the city I have lived in my entire life [minus college and a brief stint studying aboad] and figured this would be an excellent time to start a blog to track my adventures + workouts. I packing all my stuff and heading west--specifically, Seattle....a town I don't know very well. Since I will know 2 people, including my best friend who I am moving with, this could be very interesting! 

But oh my goodness, what an adventure this will be! I can't wait to hike all the mountains, run all the trails and ride my bike everywhere. I am a fairly active and outdoorsy person but living in a big city like Chicago can occasionally be limiting. Especially when you love mountains. We have a pretty lakefront but that's really it. So you are constantly running the exact same path, seeing the exact same things, especially when it comes to races. I am excited to live somewhere new and see new things.

So why Seattle??

Honestly, I don't really know. I don't even know if I am going to like it out there!  Last year my best friend Cassie and I took a road trip from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver and back to Seattle. We had an idea that we might like living out in the Pacific Northwest so we bought tickets and decided to check it out and oh man, we completely fell in love. By the time we left we declared we were moving. Cassie picked Seattle and I jumped on board even though we had spent very little time checking out the actual city when we were there. 

People hear I am moving and they basically think I am crazy. My whole life is in Chicago. My family, my friends....I have a nice little community here. To them, I am giving it all up on a sketchy whim. I don't have a job out there! Heck, I don't even know where I am going to be living! I recently lost my job and broke up with my boyfriend and it just seemed like the time is right to try something else. I am not unhappy living in Chicago but if I don't go now I never will. I love it here and fully imagine I will be back at some point but I want to have lots of adventures before I settle down and I want to try living somewhere else. And what can I say? The mountains are calling and I must go.

So go I will. Cassie leaves next weekend and then I will follow two weeks later. I am going to drive to Seattle stopping at various National Parks along the way. Once I get there I am going to drop my stuff off, do laundry, go grocery shopping, pack my backpack, grab Cassie and we are heading to Glacier National Park for a 14 day backpacking trip. And then we are going to visit a friend in Portland where I will drop her off and head to Northern California to visit my friend and stay with him until my lease starts. June is basically going to be the best month of my entire life. 

Cant freaking wait. 

Have you guys ever moved across the country? Do you have any tips? What are some of your favorite National Parks? 


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