Healing Our DNA

DNA Healing (or Theta Programming, as it is popularly called) is a unique alternative therapy that is believed to aid in removing negative beliefs not just from our subconscious but also from our DNA.  Our beliefs and behavior are the result of our conditioning. The things we grow up hearing, the attitudes of our parents, their beliefs and principles, the kinds of friends we make, the upbringing we have and more all help in shaping our conscious and subconscious beliefs about ourselves and life in general.

For instance, if you have grown up in a family where relationships were never given much importance, your view toward relationships would be similar. You may treat them as mere matters of convenience and might find it difficult to maintain long-term friendships or romantic relationships. Some of these attitudes become so deeply entrenched in our psyche that they become a part of our DNA; similarly, our parents’ deeply held beliefs and attitudes also get passed on to us.

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