And What About Dating?

A couple of  weeks ago my mentor asked me about my love life. I wasn't expecting the question but I gave an honest answer. It went something like this“How's your love life?”“I don't have a love life.”"Do you want one?"...more

Blissful Ignorance and Delusional Thoughts

“I was just thinking that I wish my mother could have seen my kids. But you know what that is. That’s delusional thinking. Because my mother would make a horrible grandmother. Because she was a horrible mother.” – Meridith Grey (‘Greys Anatomy’ 2013 season premier)...more


Gettin Ready For The Procedure!...more

Olde To Porn Tities...

My Porn Tities Before The Mediport!...more

Mama Commy: 'I Refused to Die; I Lived to Tell'

“I need my story to be heard. My children need to hear my story and not be told who their mama was”... That was how Madam Njitie Charlotte, commonly called Mama Commy, kicked off this interview while inviting me to sit in her living room. Before I could set up the recorder –  in a very strong emotion, Charlotte raises her two hands at the level of her chest, saying:  ...more

Gettin To Your Victory!

How many times have you declared something for your life and then within a matter of months and for some even weeks that thing falls off the radar? I know I've been there in my own life more times than I would like to admit. Yep, I've been there with men, with my finances, and with my body....more

Every Day Should Be National HIV Testing Day

It is my belief that most Americans think that HIV/AIDS is now a global problem and almost eradicated in the United States. Sadly, this is far from the truth. According to the CDC, in 2006 approximately 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV and 1 in 5 are undiagnosed. Twenty-one percent! A staggering 232,700 individuals living with HIV and are unaware of their status. Keep in mind that this number is from 2006, one can only guess what these numbers look like today. ...more

I agree with you 100% we can no longer be silent about this devastating disease! more