Shame Series: Drunkologues

I’m a recovering alcoholic. When I go to meetings, I hear people laughing about all the chaos drinking caused, or whining all the turmoil it caused. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. It just is. It just bugs me. In fact, it bothers me to the point where I will leave to go to the restroom. I just think to myself, if he tells the story of peeing on himself one more time, I’ll leave and never come back. It’s so bad, I asked my boyfriend not to regale his drunken youth.  Apparently, some people had fun drinking....more

Xanax and Casual Drinking Can Kill You---Why Don't we Talk About this More?

Truths from the Chaos                      I’d like to shed some light on the prescription drug, Xanax. It is an over the counter drug approved to treat anxiety and panic disorder. Instructions are clear: Avoid drinking alcohol when taking this medication. I guess this goes without saying, right? For that matter, alcohol should never be used with any drugs....more
Oh, my, mixing alcohol and medication is such a scary thing. I shiver at the thought. This is ...more

Marriage & Addiction - Part I

Addiction is something few want to readily discuss. Addiction inhibits intimacy in the marriage!  Transparency is necessary in order to build intimacy. Transparency and intimacy are essential components in building a strong satisfying marriage.   Addiction prohibits you from being transparent!...more

Charlie Sheen BobbleHead Makes Me Break My Promise

Note to reader: there are images of said bobblehead but I didn't want to post for fear of not having permission issues....more

Not My Child: The Truth About Teenage Drug Abuse

My name is Angel and I am the mother of a teenager with an addiction. Like many mom's I always said, 'not my kids, not my house, they know how we feel, we have never ever done them so they have never been exposed to them'. Oh how wrong I was.  ...more


You are so very brave for sharing this and I'm sorry it was happening and people who ...more

All I Want For Christmas Is My Sobriety

  The holidays are the hardest time to stay sober for many alcoholics. The stress, hustle and bustle and family, parties and celebrations involving alcohol run amuck. This is also the time of year when depression sets in for many people and suicide rates sky high. To stay sober during this season is not easy, but with a lil’ help from a higher power and a great support system, it can be done....more

For Elaine

I've given my husband a post-mortem honey-do list, should I meet a sudden end.  Number one on the list?  Deleting, in post and in haste, my Facebook page.  If I needed an additional reason why I want him to do this, now I have one: the media coverage of the murder of Elaine Goldberg. I didn't know Elaine, but her cousin has been one of my closest friends ever since I walked onto Bus 2 as a fifth grader, not knowing a soul in my new suburban Philadelphia school.  We've been friends a decade longer than Elaine was alive....more

Drug Prohibition, Accessibility, and Addiction: This Former Addict Says Yes to Legalization

Once upon a time until about two-and-a-half months ago when I admitted publicly to my alcoholism and embraced sobriety, I drank so much on a regular basis that I blacked out two or three times a week and couldn't remember how I came home. So, what I am about to reveal here with regard to my thoughts on drugs, accessibility, and legalization might surprise you: I support the legalization of all drugs, or, at the very least, the decriminalization of possession and personal use. ...more
Decriminalize all personal use, legalize marijuana on a federal level for medical use, ...more