GMOs, Allergies, and Your Child's Career.

  This is my sweet 5 month old baby Codan aka Code. When I was pregnant I took an expensive brand of prenatal and DHA vitamins.  I drank green shakes every morning. I did yoga. I birthed him naturally without Pitocin or an Epidural in my master bedroom. I opted out of vitamin K, hep B, and eye ointment....more

Searching out hidden gluten sources

I loved my dog.  Madeline (a golden retriever/Rhodesian ridgeback cross) was part of our family for nearly 16 years. I dearly miss her.What I don't miss, however, is the gluten that was added to her treats and pet food. As a typical dog owner, I know that dogs can and will eat just about anything, including things that aren't so healthy. What I didn't expect was finding modified food starch (gluten) in both "healthy" dog foods and treats. Since when do dogs eat wheat?...more

How One Little Bug Changed our Life....

On July 25, 2012 our son turned 5 years old.  Exciting day, right?!  Turning 5 is a milestone, soon he would start kindergarten and be a “real” big kid like his sister.  Little did we know that his 5th birthday would change our lives forever....more

A Bug Bite or An Allergic Reaction...What is It?

I cannot be the only one…actually, this time I may be close to being the only one, whose son’s ear has mysteriously swollen to two times its normal size literally overnight. One of the hardest parts of being a mom is a sick kid, the common cold that causes a red chapped nose, a stomach bug that causes a horrifying bathroom mess (if your lucky it’s only the bathroom), or a rather peculiar case of earlobe swelling, whatever the infirmity is as a mom I feel my child’s pain (with an added dose of anxiety)....more

Allergies - Symptom of Nature Disconnect

5 Common Food Allergies

The majority of severe allergic reactions to foods are caused by only a few specific foods. The most common food allergies include peanuts, shellfish, milk, tree nuts and wheat. These are quite common and it’s always a good idea to know if you are allergic to one of these foods....more

How I became a zombie.

This is the tale of a woman who has never ever ever in the history of ever suffered from allergies. She’s a bit smug. She eats reasonably healthy foods if you don’t count the lack of control around pastries and cake and chocolate. But who’s counting? She takes her vitamins. She spends lots of time outdoors....more

Allergy-Proofing Our Home For Our Daughter's Health

I think I’ve had about 72 “I am a mom” moments since my two littles were born. ...more
@SuburbanCorrespndnt YES!! YES!! The world cannot accommodate her and we will teach her to be ...more

Preschool Pointers - 27: It's Not Allergies

A while back I wrote a post about how maybe my pediatrician was right, maybe my kids simply had allergies. I was wrong. It's not allergies.Problem:Your kid is sick again, you bring her to the doctor and you get, "well, it's allergies." A week later, still sick, you bring her to the doctor again, he shines a light here, takes a temperature there and tells you, "nope, still allergies, but now there's an ear infection...from the allergies, of here are some antibiotics."...more

Hidden food allergies can make you gain 30lbs (20kg) yearly!

Ok here’s one I totally relate to. Dr. Mehmet Oz, on his show, recently explained how hidden food allergies can make you gain up to 30lbs (20kg) a YEAR. ...more