Keeping Your Summer Allergies Under Control

 I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I have my fingers crossed in hopes that it’s just seasonal allergies and that it won’t turn into a full-blown cold. It’s downright unfair to get sick at this time of the year....more

Tips for Surviving a Gluten-Free Allergy in Europe

Europe can be a challenge for those with a gluten allergy.Particularly if, like me, you're from a place that has a wealth of gluten-free fresh baked goods options, and a plethora of international/ethnic food options (The Bay Area in California), not to mention a Whole Foods supermarket in every city.  ...more

First thing in the Morning.!

NaBloPoMo nov.9 prompt: first thing in the morning.!  When I was in middle school, I would sleep again; at the dining table as  a routine. But in high school I wanted wake up in the morning. I was drawn to the serenity of the dawn. Everything in silurian blue.!Now I don’t have a fix routine for my mornings as I’m not a morning person.! Hitting the snooze button activates my sneezing.!...more

Inviting the allergens into the house

I rarely talk about my cat on this blog, but I have one and I absolutely love her. She has been with our family for about 14 years and she is super sweet, especially around our son. When he was a baby, she would rub up against his toes until he giggled. Today, they are good buddies and she always comes into his room to help me wake him up for school....more

Are Childhood Allergies Linked to Chronic Ear Infections?

My four year old started his first year of preschool last fall. We were at the doctor every 3-4 weeks with either an ear infection or strep throat. If it wasn't one, it was the other. Often times, he had both at the same time. Initially, I attributed his chronic ear infections and strep to the fact that he was in his first year of preschool. At one point, his doctor said to me, "If he continues to get ear infections, we may need to refer him to an ENT for further evaluation." That made my heart sink - I really didn't want to resort to putting tubes in my otherwise healthy child....more

My Love-Hate Relationship with Nature

A person once asked me, "Why don't you like flowers?"...more

Problems With Allergies

 My mom has the worst allergies EVER! Growing up and watching her deal with her allergies made me extremely grateful not to have them! Boy was I wrong! Who knew there was such a thing as late onset allergies?!...more

How to unclog a stuffy nose (the right way)

What are you supposed to do you when your little one is congested? Cough and cold medicines are potentially dangerous for children under two years old and are ineffective anyway....more

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