Forget Me Not, Or At Least Not At This Particular Moment

There are people in life who seem to revel in tragedy.  They bask in it, boast about it, appropriate a bit of someone else’s if they don’t have enough of their own to occupy them.  Then there are those who defy tragedy...more

A Sad Reality at the Supermarket Last Weekend

mysideof50  Thanks you! It helps knowing that she was with me until the end. She had been living ...more

Laughing In The Face Of Alzheimer's

Life goes by fast.Enjoy it.Calm down. It's all funny--Joan RiversI mean, really – if I didn’t love Joan Rivers before reading that, I certainly did after. It’s perfect. It’s wonderful. It might be the best thing I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately it is also hard to keep in mind when you are walking into a nursing home to visit your Alzheimer’s-stricken dad on his 79th birthday....more

The Things They Don't Tell You About Alzheimer's

A phone conversation with my mother:Me:       Mom. Hi. It’s me.Mom:   Oh, hi. Janet’s here with the dog. (Janet being my sister, the dog being a German Shepherd puppy, just the thing to add that badly needed chaos to an otherwise peaceful elderly day.)Me:       Why did she –Mom:   [to Dad] No, Eddie! Don’t give him that.[to me] Daddy’s trying to kill the dog with chocolate....more

The Beauty of Alzheimer's

“Beautiful place,” said my father, looking around admiringly.  “Nice very nice.  Beautiful place.”“It sure is,” agreed the attendant behind the wheelchair.  Quite charitably, I might add, because this particular hallway of the local VA hospital was not what I or anyone else could realistically call “beautiful.”  ...more

Managing the Emotions of Alzheimer's Caregiving

Did you know one of the most difficult skills an Alzheimer’s caregiver has to learn is how to become a Juggler?...more

My Mother in the Mirror: A Legacy of Depression

I remember standing outside my mother’s walk-in closet, listening to her sob for what felt like an eternity, on multiple occasions during elementary school.Pain and tears were something she taught me, quite literally, to hide behind closed doors....more

Is sleep the new fountain of youth?

New research is out; is sleep the new fountain of youth?I'm always searching for the latest news in health and beauty; and especially looking for small, easy ways to stay healthy over 40....more

Alzheimer's brain changes vary by race

When it comes to race, not all the effects of Alzheimer's are the same.New research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that Alzheimer's develops differently in the brains of African Americans (vs. Americans of European descent) and that they are more likely to experience brain changes that also contribute to dementia....more