Top 5 Ways To Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Stem Cell Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the patient’s immune system generates cellular and antibody responses to various components of the joint such as type I collagen. As a result of this immune response, not only does joint destruction occur, but also other secondary complications such as pulmonary fibrosis, renal damage, and even heart damage....more

Ostriches and Arthurs

 Why does it? I like many other people work everyday in pain, I try desperately hard to try to not show it, nothing will keep me from doing what I love and  honestly do believe that working hard and doing what I do makes me a healthier person..  I'm STRONGER than my new friend Arthur! Here's part of my story. ...more
Frustrating isn't it, thanks for reading. Xmore

Gluten Free Goals

Mir loves the new bean bag chair!Our 7-foot bean bag chair is here!Our bean bag chair finally came! Adam said that we aren't allowed to call it a bean bag chair because it's actually full of little pieces of memory foam....more

Gluten-Free is Just A Fancy Way to Say Freedom

Here's my big political stance: I'm pro long weekends! There I said it. Even without a gimp knee, there never seems to be enough time to have fun and get everything done that needs to get done. Maybe it's because I don't have a gimp knee that weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter.This whole gluten-free thing really seems to be working for me.On January 1, I was able to work out on the elliptical for 25 minutes. I followed that with some agility ladder training. Other than the agility ladder being slippery on the concrete basement floor, I had no trouble....more

Arthritis - Glucosamine/Chondroitin

Last spring, we saw him limping every time he stood up after sleeping in one position, our dog, that is. Since glucosamine/chondroitin is said to work on ‘some’ people who have mild to moderate arthritis, we started giving him treats with them in it. It seemed to work. We haven’t seen him limp for about a year and a half. ...more

Celiac Disease Can Present as RA: My Lunchtime Research

Well, I was mistaken. Yesterday, I said that I had an appointment with my rheumatologist yesterday. As it turns out, it's actually today. Luckily, I realized I had the wrong day pretty early. I didn't show up to my appointment to flaunt my airheadedness....more

When Mommy and Daddy Come to Town

I think that no matter how old I get, being sick is always better with my mommy around.Mom and dad flew into Denver this past Thursday to finally, legally have a beer in a restaurant with my sister.So, they flew in on Thursday evening and my mom was excited to see our house, but she was beyond excited to see her granddog. When we pulled up to the house, I opened the door and opened Miranda’s cage. Mom came barreling in as I did so and Miranda went berserk....more

The Psychological Burdens of Chronic Illness

It’s about to get really personal up in here.I’m sure you recall me mentioning that I wanted to go back and see a psychologist again. (The first time was when I was having some trouble after sophomore year in college – completely separate issues.) Handling a chronic illness gets very stressful for me sometimes. I look around and often see all of the things that I can’t do and it’s hard to appreciate the rest of my good health. I compare myself to others and get disappointed that I cannot keep up with them....more

A Nice Weekend for a White Wedding

What a wedding weekend!I’m going to tell this story in chronological order, but important things need to be said first.Kristina and Will made a beautiful bride and a handsome groom, respectively. The ceremony was sweet and they looked so incredible happy together. Congratulations you two and I’m sending you wishes for a wonderful and happy life together....more