Amazon Top 100 Memoir Enemy Within By Karen Ager

What Brings About Change in People?Excerpt from Enemy Within by Karen Ager "Despite all my efforts, deep down I felt I was changing. My disease was not only influencing my body but also my spirit. The pain was starting to impact every dimension of my life. Until now it had been easy to ignore; it had been easy to deny. I had kicked it under the bed with all my half-read books. I thought I’d get back to it and deal with it later. But it got back to me first. Rheumatoid arthritis was truly forcing itself into my life. No longer could I convince myself that the disease didn’t exist. How much longer could I pretend that I was healthy like my friends? I started to feel the burden of my secret....more

Ashleigh/The Golden Rule/Acts of Kindness

The tragedy in Arizona is another sad wake up call for our society. It is a reminder to love one another and to treat others with respect. I've been thinking about The Golden Rule today and random acts of kindness. Let's start the chatter on Blogher because something has to change. The world can not go on hating. Let's all do one act of kindness for someone today....let's pay it forward, then blog about it. I've also thought a lot about what it will take for these victims to recover both physically and emotionally....more

Thanks for the 'sparkle' girls. The good thing about doing acts of kindness for each other is ...more

Lessons of Love, Hope, Happiness - Memoir - Enemy Within by Karen Ager earns 5 Star Reviews

Enemy Within - A memoir of strength, determination and acceptance by Karen Ager. "As inspirational stories go, this is up there with the best." Martin Stevenson Launceston Examiner - November 13, 2010 For more 5 star reviews copy and paste Enemy Within receives Blue Ribbon Award for a great read. If you are looking for a holiday read this will inspire and motivate you to...more

Follow Up on Fibro Fall

Whew! Woke up this morning with a full-body ache: joints, muscles, fingernails -- everything. I figure it's an offshoot of Saturday's fall plus the pretty vigorous exercise in the pool on Monday. I hurt so much that I ingested half of a genuine pain pill and went back to bed for awhile with the heating pad....more

Fibro-Osteo Fallitis

Klutzes of America, unite!! I will nominate myself for President of this organization because I have absolutely terrible balance. I've had another fall. This one occurred on Saturday afternoon in the kitchen where I tripped over a bag of apples and went onto the kitchen floor....more

Yoga Helps Control Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain – in Your Mind and Your Body

   No one can argue that Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) isn’t extremely painful....more

How to Care for Your Older Cat

Peaches and Peonies by B.E. Kazmarski...more

May is Arthritis Month. Start moving.

 “Wait a minute…. I have arthritis and you’re asking me to exercise? Give me a break! Do you know how much pain I’m in? There’s no way my body will allow me to walk through the door of a gym let alone to the end of my driveway to grab the mail. “    Do you suffer from arthritis and does this scenario sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone....more

Health Blogging

Over the last few years, innumerable people have encouraged me to do more blogging about health and healthcare issues....more

Health Blogging

Over the last few years, innumerable people have encouraged me to do more blogging about health and healthcare issues....more