I stood in the living room next to my aunt and felt my mother come up behind me. Before I knew it, my mother had taken the glass out of my hand and retrieved the bottle of wine from my aunt. She had been watching as my glass emptied my aunt filled it. I’m not sure if my aunt realized that she should not be filling my glass, after all I was only 10 years old. Perhaps she had herself been drinking too much and figured that behind an empty glass was a thirsty person. I heard my mother’s angry voice scolding my aunt and at that point I was feeling a little dizzy....more

When Did This Happen?!?

When did I start buying "exercise" apparel knowing that I would rarely, if ever use them for actually excercising...but rather use them for those endless trips to Target & the grocery store? When it feels like just yesterday I was loving the newest & trendiest styles of clothing? When did I start asking my hairsylist for that wash & go hairstyle knowing that I wouldn't get it cut again for months...when it feels like just yesterday I was asking for a new fun & funky do promising to be back in six weeks? ...more

I decided recently to "reclaim my youth" during this second pregnancy!  I just got a ...more

Traditional Irish Recipes: Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread

Irish Food Favorites: They're Not Just for Saint Patty's Day Anymore  The following link is to five traditional Irish recipes including Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread. No one is quite sure how "Dublin Lawyer" got it's name. It's an old, Irish recipe that's decadent in every way and makes a great, romantic dinner. Dublin Lawyer combines butter-sauteed lobster meat with a Jameson Irish Whiskey flambe and rich, heavy cream. The recipe serves two and is served on the half-shell. ...more

Does the Media Pressure You to be Hot?

Yesterday I slathered on sunless tanner (ahem, review purposes). I even dressed up a bit....more

Suit Sadness

I did something I haven’t done in five years: bought a bathing suit. No it’s not exciting I fit in the same one for five years, the elastic just got that worn out that it stretched with me to create the giant blimp grodiness that was me. Also I was super poor, poorer than now, and didn’t care about things like body image and stuff like boobs being in the right place. So I bought a swimsuit. And not just any swimsuit, a bikini from Victoria's Secret. The horror!...more


Snow Bunny ...more

Aging is beautiful...

Narmatha's Thoughts

"Got Milf? - A Mommalogue" by Sarah Maizes

"Got Milf?"  You should!  This is a link to the video of my performance of my "Mommalogue" (I made up that proud of it), which I performed for "Expressing Motherhood" here in LA last month.Send this video to your girlfriends, sisters, aunts (yes...maybe even your own mother) and let them know it's time for Milf's EVERYWHERE to stand up and be counted!, there is no inappropriate material contained on the video - but the language is a little "sassy")....more

Tori Spelling Writes a Picture Book - What Next?

Thar she blows!  Here comes a full-scale tirade.  I tried to resist.  Especially since writing this rant of a post does not count toward my write-a-thon goal.  BUT after gnashing my teeth over this issue for the past week, I could stand it no longer....more


So this week celebrates both National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and National Pancake Day. No wonder we women are so confused about what is healthy behavior. Either these two PR campaigns are working together or cancel each other out. Is the message: Hi Ladies: Please do not think you are fat and too prove it,  eat a pancake or 6?...more