Farmers Markets Offerings: Local, Organic, Seasonal, in Plastic?

What's more ironic than local, organic, seasonal food encased in plastic? That's what I wondered back in 2007 when I first started my quest to eliminate unnecessary plastic from my life. A trip to my local farmers market revealed more than just fruits and vegetables. Have a look at a few photos I shot: ...more

@prophetlady  Thanks for your comment.  It's frustrating to bring my own container ...more

Surviving Breast Cancer: My Take

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as one of millions of breast cancer survivors across the country, I wanted to take a few moments to share some thoughts with the BlogHer community regarding my experiences battling the disease and—more importantly—what I learned along the way. ...more

At times like these where there are actual physical challenges, women can often be seen as ...more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Bunk

Three years ago, I saw a story on the news while I was at the gym. An investigative feature on the breast cancer awareness contributions that various corporations pledged during Breast Cancer Awareness Month found that most of these promotions led to increased sales and windfall profits that dwarfed the piddling donations that the extra sales generated. Until that moment, I was gung-ho about buying products marked with pink ribbons. ...more

Wow what an interesting point of view. My mom has struggled with breast cancer for about 10 ...more

Will Healthcare Reform Help or Hurt Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment?

Where do you stand on healthcare reform?  It's a hot-button political issue that has strong opinions on both sides.  And with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seems appropriate to address how healthcare reform could affect the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The question is...Will it help or hurt? From The American Cancer Society......more

Health Care Reform will absolutely save lives. One of the most important aspects of this bill ...more

Save the Ta-Ta's, Squeers!

Cait for the Cure!posted by Cait of For most of this year, I’ve been growing my hair out for Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that uses human hair to make wigs for children who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy.  But it’s October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and I’m taking one step further....more

Parenting – Keeping Your Cool and Then Some…

Calling out all mothers!! Although, I have to say, even if you’re not a mom yet nor even thinking about it (wow, you’re smart… just joking!!), this has gotta sound entertaining. ...more

Breast Cancer Survivors: Sharing Their Stories In Words and In Video

This is a post in honor of breast cancer survivors. They are women sharing their stories of hope, struggle, determination, and survival. Some are in words and some are in video. Midlife Breast Cancer Survivor Remembers Her First Day Back To Work... ...more

Save a little, save a life

Save a little, save a life

New Girl On The Block

Hey All, so here I am in bed, recuperating from a double mastectomy that I had September 15th....just 3 weeks ago. It's been a whirlwind....I was only diagnosed August 19th, and here I am, not even two months after my diagnosis, boobless, sore, and hopefully cancer-free.I find out in 1-3 weeks if my doctor thinks I'll need chemo. So what's a girl to do while awaiting such news? Why, blog, of course!...more Girl I wish you a speedy recovery, you sound like a really strong woman ...more