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Okay, if Ang can write an op-ed piece, then I can write about her op-ed piece, so here it is...  ...more

This time was supposed to be my redemption

I was so excited when I was having my son. I had some trouble getting pregnant, nothing major, just a couple months delay. Then I found out I was having a boy and that was it, that was all I ever wanted, a boy first, I didn't care what came after. I wholeheartedly admit I still was not the pregnant woman who "loved" being pregnant...especially as his eventual 9 lb 4 oz body filled my 5'2" frame, and as he decided he would laugh at his due date, and as I developed a lovely and full-body case of PUPPS the last week....more

Shut the F Up!

Leave it to Angelina to stir up controversy. Apparently everyone is an expert about cancer now...especially people who have never had it. This post stemmed in part from yesterday's post, and my stupid stupid obsession with reading the comments section on articles, and comments some of my facebook cancer friends are receiving. I should NOT read the comments! EVER!! Anyway, it's been brewing for a while, and after chatting with some of my facebook cancer friends, it just needs to come out. If you are offended by language, change the channel....more

My Medical Choice vs. Health Care Reality

"My Medical Choice", is a recent Opinion piece in the New York Times.  It is an article written by Angelina Jolie in which she shares her story about choosing to have a preventative mastectomy.1   Also called a prophylactic mastectomy, she chose to have this surgery because she was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene.  She's speaking out about this to spread her story in hopes that she may encourage other women be proactive. "Today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer, and then take action."  -Angelina ...more

What Breast Cancer Taught Me

One of the hardest things a person can hear from their physician is the words "You have cancer." In January of 2013 two women in my immediate family were diagnosed with breast cancer and so began the journey. They did not have the same type of breast cancer so they took a different path when it came time for treatment. One would have the tumours removed, still keep her breast and begin chemotherapy. The other would undergo a radical mastectomy with no treatments to follow as this very rare cancer appears not to respond to chemo, hormonal or radiation therapies....more

Preventative Mastectomy: Angelina Jolie's Very Public Choice

Faced with an 87-percent chance of getting breast cancer due to carrying the BRCA1 gene, Angelina Jolie chose to undergo a double mastectomy, she revealed in an op-ed published yesterday in the New York Times. ...more
@KarenLynnn  @Sweetbread6 FDA guidelines for celebrity or consumer endorsement, state that a ...more

Coconut for Life's Journey

I do a lot with coconut--a lot. I guess you can call me an addict. So when a blogleague (colleague+blogger) issued the call for posts of recipes from a cookbook whose co-author had been diagnosed with cancer, I answered....more

Chemo Brain: It's NOT all in your head!

The good news and bad news are the same: "Chemo brain" isn't all in your head! A new study of 189 breast cancer patients who had recently undergone treatments (and before starting endocrine hormone-replacement therapy) found that there were actual changes to their brain after treatment.Of the 189 patients, 2/3 had breast-conserving surgery, more than 1/2 had chemo and 3/4 had radiation....more