Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Adds a Touch of Blue for Men

Like each year, Estée Lauder cos. have launched a new Pink Ribbon Collection meant to raise awareness about breast cancer in the early stages of its development to promote higher chances of survival....more

My 1st Mammogram - a Video Walk-Thru

This video is from 4 years ago but it is very much still relevant. I had my 1st mammogram and was so nervous about it because I would hear such negative things. So I took my video camera with me and recorded before, during, and after about having my first mammogram. If you are 40 (or whatever age your doctor suggests) and are nervous about having your first mammogram done -please watch this! Robyn's Online World...more

Free Crochet Patterns and Information on Hat Box Foundation ...more
They are awsome patterns and thank you for sharing that information!!  Sandymore

Breast Cancer Drug to stop recurrence of cancer

A new research says that more than 400 women’s lives can be saved if they complete the full course of taking breast cancer drug although it may have side effects on the body....more

Mother's Day


My two cents...

Okay, if Ang can write an op-ed piece, then I can write about her op-ed piece, so here it is...  ...more

This time was supposed to be my redemption

I was so excited when I was having my son. I had some trouble getting pregnant, nothing major, just a couple months delay. Then I found out I was having a boy and that was it, that was all I ever wanted, a boy first, I didn't care what came after. I wholeheartedly admit I still was not the pregnant woman who "loved" being pregnant...especially as his eventual 9 lb 4 oz body filled my 5'2" frame, and as he decided he would laugh at his due date, and as I developed a lovely and full-body case of PUPPS the last week....more

Shut the F Up!

Leave it to Angelina to stir up controversy. Apparently everyone is an expert about cancer now...especially people who have never had it. This post stemmed in part from yesterday's post, and my stupid stupid obsession with reading the comments section on articles, and comments some of my facebook cancer friends are receiving. I should NOT read the comments! EVER!! Anyway, it's been brewing for a while, and after chatting with some of my facebook cancer friends, it just needs to come out. If you are offended by language, change the channel....more