The Stories Of Friends

I had dinner last night with an old friend. I just snickered out loud as I wrote that - Linda is older than me, and I love to tease her about it. She’s only got twelve years years on me, but I play it up as much as I can. Years ago, when I was showing off the ultrasound pictures of my first child, Linda was bemoaning the fact that ultrasounds weren’t standard procedure when she had her girls. I reminded her that back then, doctors probably couldn’t generate ultrasound waves by banging the rocks together in her cave. I know, I’m a good friend like that....more

Breast Cancer and HIF-1 Is Why ObamaCare Must Stay in Place

Robert Graham and Hybrid Medical Media Reporting from Houston MD Anderson Medical School April 10, 2012-------...more

The Dual Realities of Breast Cancer Screening

More and more studies are telling us that breast cancer screens lead to unnecessary treatment.  I think it all boils down to your focal point, population vs....more

Confusing Emotional Baggage with Garbage (is bad for the soul...)

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The Tattoo Diaries

5:48 am: I didn't sleep well last night. Not sure why. Maybe it was the 2-hour nap after I came home. Just a little more tired this week. Sitting here in my fuzzy pink bathrobe and realizing that I've been waiting for this day for a long time....

Double Rainbow Momma

I wrote this last summer when I was in the Maritimes with my children and my sister. I am from Prince Edward Island and I try to make it back every summer if I can. Lobster, beaches, and drive-in movies are a must! When I wrote this, my younger sister was in the thick of chemotherapy and had lost her hair. She came back with us for a visit in between treatments and we had an amazing time. I am happy to report she is doing great, has a lovely head of hair and is happy to put last year behind her....more
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Life-Threatening Simplicity

Komen Blues

The dust has settled ever so slightly on the Komen-Planned Parenthood eruption.  It seems everyone and their cousin has weighed in on the issue.  Meanwhile, I’ve listened.  My overall perception and opinion of Komen hasn’t changed at all, but I think the depth of my understanding of has....more

Boobs, Biopsies, and Lumpectomies



JEEZ.... I had every intention of doing some sappy Happy Valentine's Day post.  Instead, I'll follow the Al Capone version of Valentine's Day.  It's time for a breast cancer massacre.  If you recognize yourself in any of this, consider this a fair warning.  Next time, no warning will be issued.  I will simply let the dogs out to hunt you down.........more