Stem Cells Use To Treat Breast Cancer Firm Relocating To Mexico

 Barron's Medical Journal: Reporting From The National Basketball Association (NBA) " All Start Game" Location...more

How Dose That Lump Get On To Your Breast And Where Dose That Tumor Come From

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Latest News on Callie Carling's Ebook 'Callie's Story: My Journey to Becoming a Breast Cancer Warrior Goddess'

 I'm delighted to reveal the latest five star review on Callie Carling's ebook Callie's Story:'Callie Carling is such a darling! She tells her story clearly & concisely, drawing you in with every word. Her courage & triumphant spirit will lift you up ~ especially if you or anyone you know is having any kind of medical challenges. Join Callie on her journey & be inspired for your own!'...more

2 Birthdays, 2 Years, To Life!

I am two years old today. Sort of. Two years ago today, I learned for certain that I had cancer. I remember that conversation as clearly as if it happened yesterday. "It's very serious," said my doctor. "Things are going to move very quickly now. You've got a tough fight ahead of you."...more

The Pink Ribbon

A while ago, quite a few people were angered by the actions of the Susan G. Komen foundation.  I saw numerous posts saying people would no longer support them and I understand that sentiment.However, use of the pink ribbon on products in October is not limited to just the Susan G. Komen foundation.  If you choose not to support one organization or another, always check the package before you purchase....more
@Kraken I figured a gentle reminder couldn't hurt!!  It's easy to make the assumption that the ...more

An Evening for the Boobies - and I Met a Clown!!

I work a few jobs, one of them being a hostess at a wine bar and restaurant. The owners of this restaurant started a foundation a few years back when they lost a dear friend to Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I didn't really know anything about this form of Breast Cancer, but I found out that it's one of the forms that has no cure and it's one of the hardest to fight.  To raise money for research, we hosted the first of two dinner parties last night, titled A Night 4 Pink....more

The Pink Stink

I’m about to give up supporting and advocating for breast cancer.Seriously – how can I; one educational and awareness advocate compete with the likes of big business? How does my voice compare to the voices of Enbridge, Proctor and Gamble, and Fabutan?...more

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Scam Month

The people who are not aware of breast cancer are our most vulnerable populations: poor, uneducated women who don't speak English. Who is pouring money into getting out into underserved neighborhoods with culturally, linguistically, and reading-level appropriate materials to let ignored populations of women know about their risk? I can barely summon the strength to get into the stupidity of raising awareness for breast cancer, getting women free mammograms because they have no health insurance, and then not having any comprehensive program in place to help them when these same women find out they have breast cancer. Raising awareness is not useful if we aren't also going to do actual, concrete things that save women's lives when they discover that they have it. ...more
@lucore You should research Dr. Burzynski or read Pink Ribbons, Inc. (the doc is on Netflix) or ...more

Brain training shown to help breast cancer related memory loss and mental slowness

Great news for breast cancer patients/survivors who have experienced mental slowness, memory loss or a mental "fog."A new study out of Indiana University has found that brain training improves processing speed and memory performance.For memory training, participants learned techniques to remember word lists, text and sequences.At least one of the two programs used computer programs, so I can only imagine how one-on-one brain training (with a cognitive skills trainer) would help! ...more