Double Rainbow Momma

I wrote this last summer when I was in the Maritimes with my children and my sister. I am from Prince Edward Island and I try to make it back every summer if I can. Lobster, beaches, and drive-in movies are a must! When I wrote this, my younger sister was in the thick of chemotherapy and had lost her hair. She came back with us for a visit in between treatments and we had an amazing time. I am happy to report she is doing great, has a lovely head of hair and is happy to put last year behind her....more
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Life-Threatening Simplicity

Komen Blues

The dust has settled ever so slightly on the Komen-Planned Parenthood eruption.  It seems everyone and their cousin has weighed in on the issue.  Meanwhile, I’ve listened.  My overall perception and opinion of Komen hasn’t changed at all, but I think the depth of my understanding of has....more

Boobs, Biopsies, and Lumpectomies



JEEZ.... I had every intention of doing some sappy Happy Valentine's Day post.  Instead, I'll follow the Al Capone version of Valentine's Day.  It's time for a breast cancer massacre.  If you recognize yourself in any of this, consider this a fair warning.  Next time, no warning will be issued.  I will simply let the dogs out to hunt you down.........more

Why I'm moving on and away from Komen

I've struggled on where to start but the beginning is always best. That would be three years ago when my aunt - my mother's sister - died after a years long fight against breast cancer. Whether or not it was metastatic are details of which I remain unaware but I do know that she was only 41 and that 41 is an incredibly young age for someone to die. I don’t know whether or not she was accepting of what might happen or how my mother really dealt with her death given that my grandmother - my mother’s mother - died exactly five weeks prior. ...more

To Be Continued...

I recently lost a most dear and wonderful friend. A creative force, a dynamic achiever and a friend who always wanted more for me than I dared to believe I deserved - film maker Sarah Watt.When a friend dies you know that no matter how keenly you feel their loss, that their partners and children are feeling that very particular pain more intensely....more

Worrying About Breast Cancer


Joanne Hutchins prepared herself for a fight, after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a personal trainer, mixed martial artist with a black belt in karate and so is no stranger to battle.In this interview, she talks about The Moms Who Kick Calendar Program, which raises funds toward breast cancer research. She also tells us a bit about some of the amazing, inspirational calendar girls who fill the pages. How did you come up with the idea of the “Moms Who Kick Calendar Program? ...more

Get Your Politics off My Tits and Outta My Vag!

Wednesday marked the start of Black History Month. This is the one month that is set aside to uplift Americans who are part of the African Diaspora. Americans that disproportionately lack comprehensive health care and as a result are more likely to die from lack of screening for diseases.  This is why I was more than shocked to find out that Susan G Komen Foundation  picked yesterday to announce they they will cut funds to Planned Parenthood an organization that gave almost 170,000 free breast exams to women in lower income areas of the US, women who would otherwise have never been screened....more
@BlasianBytch Wow. I'm glad to hear it, because I'm a little tired of people denigrating the ...more