30-Day Fitness Challenge Day Thirteen: The Mud Run

It doesn't seem like I'm that close to the halfway point, but Monday was Day Thirteen. And it was a good day. I was on a high. After some dismal days last week, I bounced back on Saturday with the best tennis I've ever played. (That's not saying much, since I'm not very good, but I'm so happy to be improving.) I was tired after the tennis so Sunday was a low-impact recovery day with some arms work and some abs work. ...more

Zara Tanzania Adventures

Overall, we had a sucessful Tanzania adventure with Zara Tanzania Adventures. We did their thirteen day Kilimanjaro trek (via the Machame, or Whiskey, route) and Serengeti safari package. We made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and we saw the "Big Five" (plus dozens of other wonderful animals) on safari. But there were a few times when we thought, "This could be better." ...more

Can An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Help You Reduce Pain and Live Longer?

Eating healthy and trying to maintain a healthy weight are important for our overall well being. But there is now growing evidence that eating anti-inflammatory foods can reduce symptoms of chronic illness and even prevent heart disease. ...more


This posting is obviously near and dear to my heart as Catapult Fitness is ...more

30-Day Fitness Challenge Days Four Through Nine: Bitten by Two Bugs

It may sound odd to say that one of the bugs I've been bitten by is the writing bug, when I haven't posted any content on any blogs for a whole week. My writing has been offline and I've also been seriously considering how to go about writing full-time. My job will only last for a few more months and do I really feel like going back to another office? We'll have to wait and see.  ...more

How I came to be.. the chronic illness version.

I started feeling "ill" when I was eleven. Had a hard time falling asleep, didn't feel as rested in the morning, was tired in school, feelings of anxiety, back started to hurt a bit, and had some bathroom troubles. Things didn't start to really bother me until I was about 14 though. I played a lot of sports up until then, but my energy levels just weren't the same, and the muscle pain after playing would take too long to go away. Not to mention my bathroom troubles were starting to turn into painful nightmares. So my mother took me to the doctor. They ...more

Please Help Bring Back Gluten-Free Cake to Starbucks, or perhaps maybe something allergen-free?

image courtesy of A Gluten Free Guide   When Starbucks announced at the end of April that they would begin carrying a gluten-free option in their coffee houses, the gluten free community rejoiced. After years of letters and petitions, our voices were finally being heard.  ...more

 Thanks, Kalyn. I hope they do, too. It just seems mean to have something taken away without ...more

Dating & Chronic Illness: Is it possible to be in a relationship when you are chronically ill?

As a person living with chronic illness, I was intrigued to read a post on dating with fibromyalgia. I can totally understand how complicated relationships can be - especially when you are living with an illness that isn't easily recognizable to the average person (an invisible chronic illness). It seems to me that "dating" isn't the real problem, it's trying to have a "relationship" that can become complicated. ...more

It's hard enough to maintain friendships with regards to chronic illnesses.  I have friends ...more

Why are old people the only ones guaranteed health care?

Seriously? Why is it that in order to be guaranteed health care in this country you have to be in the last third of your life? The most expensive part of your life in terms of medical and healthcare? ...more

Thank You Senator Hagan

You know, we don't say thank you often enough. I wrote and called and encouraged others to write and call and you listened! You voted with all of the other democrats in the HELP committee to address real health reform and you should be proud. I don't know how Senator Burr voted (continued) ...more

Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

Are you getting enough vitamin D? Would you know if you weren't? Apparently, most of us are deficient in vitamin D, and that is putting us at greater risk for heart disease, osteoporosis, some types of cancer, diabetes, and possibly other chronic medical problems (like asthma, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis). You might be surprised to learn how important vitamin D is to your overall health, and how easy it is to make sure you're getting enough. ...more

Can you really take enough vitamins. I wake each morning earlier and earlier to pound down the ...more