Traveling with Chronic Medical Conditions

I’m about to travel to Boston soon, and I’m super excited. I love Boston and will get to spend time with a much-loved friend from college days. However, chronic conditions threaten to put a kink in my travel plans, and I’ve been running around town and spending lots of time on the internet trying to make my travels as smooth as possible....more

How Making Guacamole Left Me With a Disease

Sally with her youngest son 2014 and Sally before her accident 2008November 15, 2008 was an interesting afternoon. The boys were outside playing in the sunshine, the 10-month-old was being pushed in the swing by my husband, and I was about to change life as I knew it forever simply by preparing an avocado for fresh guacamole.The pain didn’t happen right away, neither did the bleeding, but it was deep, real deep, and the knife came out bent at the tip.I looked down at the palm of my left hand in dismay and thought ‘I’m going to need stitches’. Calmly, oh so calmly, I walked up to my husband and said: ”Ummmm, I think I need to get this checked out”....more

Why Won't They Understand

How do we make people understand? Why can’t they believe what it feels like? Why won’t they educate themselves on my condition? They love me so why don’t they want to know more about what is happening to me? In the beginning they seemed interested and helpful, but now it seems as though I’m on my own. Is it because they think I’m faking? Or is it because they can’t comprehend being sick for as long as I have and I’m not getting better.If you have a chronic illness, it is more than likely that you have had some of these questions. The feeling that no one truly understands what you go through and what you have gone through. The feeling that maybe they just don’t care enough to know. I’ve had this disease for over five years, I have posted links and info about it, and yet I still have friends and family asking me what is wrong with me. These same friends and family are posting funny videos, responding to posts of someone who has a cold with “I hope you feel better, you must be miserable”. All I can think is really, they have a cold?!?! I’m not looking for the attention or their sympathy, just their understanding. How come they can’t take five minutes out of their day and educate themselves? Why do I feel I have to prove I’m sick?When I do make it out of the house, it takes everything I have to put together my appearance. So is it because I look okay? ...more

These people changed their brains with neuroplasticity

Move over medicines and surgery! Professionals and amateurs alike are figuring out how to harness the power of neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to change in response to experience and stimuli - at ANY age.Case #1: (Parkinson's)...more

NSAIDs and Stomach Pain

I’ve been taking 20mg of piroxicam for a couple of months. The only side effect I’d noticed is sun sensitivity. No matter how much sunscreen I wear, my face always looks a little burned at night if I’ve been outside most of the day. I wasn’t happy about that, but the medicine was helping with my chronic pain and stiffness and I felt like I could deal with the sunburn. But last week, I started having stomach pain....more

Reclaiming Life From Fibromyalgia at What Price?

I’m curious what you do when you want to do something so bad but you know it’s potentially disastrous for your health. Bottom line—with every fiber of my being I want to return to running, but I’m scared to death of the post-run nighttime pain that made me howl like a wounded animal the last time I ran....more

Relationships & Sex with Chronic Pain

Even if you have had lifelong sexual distress, know that it is never too late to learn more about finding sexual pleasure. A recent study looked at sexual function in women with chronic widespread pain. They reported more lifelong problems with sexual pain and poor lubrication than healthy women. They also reported more current sexual dysfunction. But CWP doesn’t need to mean the end of sex......more

Forget the Spoons: Powering Through Chronic Illness

I know. This sounds like one of those posts that tells people that their chronic illness is “all in their head”, or can be pushed through, or other nonsense. I promise, though, it’s not....more

Day 12 - I Hate Everyone

 Some days, this is my theme song for work. When the never-ending stream of patientskeeps coming in the front door so that I can...more
Wow that is a lot but remember you have good days too and for those tiny bright moments you know ...more