Reclaiming Life From Fibromyalgia at What Price?

I’m curious what you do when you want to do something so bad but you know it’s potentially disastrous for your health. Bottom line—with every fiber of my being I want to return to running, but I’m scared to death of the post-run nighttime pain that made me howl like a wounded animal the last time I ran....more

Relationships & Sex with Chronic Pain

Even if you have had lifelong sexual distress, know that it is never too late to learn more about finding sexual pleasure. A recent study looked at sexual function in women with chronic widespread pain. They reported more lifelong problems with sexual pain and poor lubrication than healthy women. They also reported more current sexual dysfunction. But CWP doesn’t need to mean the end of sex......more

Forget the Spoons: Powering Through Chronic Illness

I know. This sounds like one of those posts that tells people that their chronic illness is “all in their head”, or can be pushed through, or other nonsense. I promise, though, it’s not....more

Day 12 - I Hate Everyone

 Some days, this is my theme song for work. When the never-ending stream of patientskeeps coming in the front door so that I can...more
Wow that is a lot but remember you have good days too and for those tiny bright moments you know ...more

We are Indefatigable!  Dawn

Acceptance While Living with Chronic Pain

After a recent bout with a 1st time muscle related back injury, I have a new appreciation of my everyday, chronic pain. If you've read my whinging about my back, (more here), you know that for me and many others, injury is a different kind of pain. The only positive thing about the injury is that eventually the pain went away. I do still freeze when I get an occasional twinge in the area of the back injury. Truthfully I'm terrified of being immobile again, and therefore totally dependent on others....more


I am so excited that you found your way to my new blog!  If you are just checking me out for the first time and have NO IDEA who I am, please go back and check out both and to get the true beginnings of this Lyme and Life blog. The blogs mentioned above are now going to be combined in the same one and also include various other topics about life in general.  The reason??  I'm glad you asked....more

Learning to Inhabit My Body

I have struggled all my life to be fully present. As a child, I was frequently identified by others as "spacey," "a daydreamer," and "off in her own world." I moved into adulthood as a reader and a writer. I tend to live in my head, ignoring -- or attempting to ignore -- the body. ...more

Is yeast the culprit for chronic pain?

Could A Yeast Overgrowth Be The Cause For Chronic Pain?...more