Sick Kids and Sucky Language

 It's been hard for me to get back to writing because for the past three weeks, I've been dealing with one sick kid after another; and I have four you know! Between Nia and Nadia, I've been keeping our neighborhood pharmacy busy of late. They're actually calling me on a daily basis and asking if I need something....more

The Party

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac

Need an answered prayer?

JMJ Do you have a prayer request? A special need?  Well, I spent all night placing a live webcam to Lourdes, France on my website, including a little mailbox to their prayer request email.  All kinds of weird computer problems kept cropping up, and I kept offering them up as a prayer, which did help to keep me from being annoyed.  Then... This morning I got an email from a friend who told me that today is OUR LADY OF LOURDES FEAST DAY!  Wow.  I had no idea!  That is just so cool... ...more

The Master Cleanse

Surrenderstan: A Week in Enemy Territory

by Shelley SingerI find myself today in a foreign land, a threatening land, a land of anxiety and of disorientation, a place where I must relinquish control, a place I will call “Surrenderstan.” It is not in an exotic location. You can get there by touching the handle of a grocery cart, by sitting next to the wrong person on the subway, by going to the theater or to a ballgame. I got here via the flu, to whose control I was forced to submit, kicking and screaming all the way....more

Tired of Toxic Soup? Try Homemade Cough Syrup

Do you have a cough right now or know someone who does? Then I want to talk to you. In December, I caught a cold and towards the end of it was hacking pretty badly. Now, I realize that you don’t want to suppress a productive cough. But this cough was bad enough to keep me up at night, robbing me of much needed rest. So I polished off two plastic bottles of cough/cold medicine: the remainder of a bottle of Nyquil that I bought years ago (yeah, it still worked) as well as the last couple of doses of yummy Prometh cough syrup with Codeine. And by yummy, I mean I held my hose and chugged it down, trying to bypass my taste buds as much as possible....more

@Virginia @CherylK maybe just the honey will work.  There are a ton of comments on my ...more

The gift of your physical afflictions

A wave of understanding washes over you when you realize for the first time that something in your body is broken and probably can’t be fixed. Repaired, remodeled, or medicated maybe, but not fixed. At least not in a way that puts it back as it once was. ...more

Cough. Cough.

Happy New Years Eve! I'm still sick and now I'm noticing that speaking is requiring effort and I know where that leads, right to laryngitis city!  And of course its a nice long weekend to be sick too. The last time I had a long weekend down at my parents  I was sick  then too. Its not fair. ...more

Winter Hibernation

I was skimming the internet today, as I often do in the mornings, and I came across this post from women's health guru Alex Jamieson (some of you might remember her as Morgan Spurlock's vegan chef girlfriend from Supersize Me). I've followed her ever since I saw the film, because I think she's an amazing woman with a compelling message. This week, she talked about hibernation....more

Kids Are Watching Everything - Even When They Are Ignoring You

So I'm writing to you today as I'm nursing/over medicating a cold, so if I sound a little nasal, or delirious, it's because I'm on a Robitussin, Benadryl, NyQuil, Lexapro trip right now - bear with me - and let us all thank GOD all the kids are in school. Sometimes I think that when I feel like this, no one in this house has a clue what I'm going through....more