Dental Health and Mental Health

I still remember one of my earliest episodes of panic, which happened in a dentist's waiting room. As I said in the uncomfortable chair, surrounded by Highlights for Children magazines that I had already read, I felt dread moving up my body from my toes. It crept up my legs into my hips and on into my abdomen. I was convinced that when the feeling of terror reached my heart, I would die. I was called into the doctor's office before that happened....more

Dealing With Sensitive Teeth

Nothing is worse than biting into some ice cream and that sharp shooting pain that results in the teeth. Those with highly sensitive teeth may have a hard time eating a variety of hot and cold foods; fortunately there are steps that can be taken to reduce that sensitivity so that eating hot meatballs or drinking a cold glass of ice tea won't be such a problem. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, approximately 40 million adults suffer from sensitive teeth in this country alone....more

Would You Die If Someone Used Your Toothbrush?

Have you ever grabbed your toothbrush upon waking or before going to bed and found it moist? That's what happened to Cindy. She was right about to go to bed when she went to brush her teeth and found that someone had used her toothbrush. What would you do if you found someone was using yours? Are you more tolerant of family members or is it all just gross? ...more
I Agree with @Julie Ross Godar about the list more worrisome than tooth brush sharing. I don't ...more

Root Canal


Getting to the Root of It

"You need a root canal." Those words led me to the endodontist. And the news got better from there. “You need two root canals, if we are able to save one of these teeth; if not, we will only do one root canal and you’ll have to have the other tooth pulled.” ...more

Need an answered prayer?

JMJ Do you have a prayer request? A special need?  Well, I spent all night placing a live webcam to Lourdes, France on my website, including a little mailbox to their prayer request email.  All kinds of weird computer problems kept cropping up, and I kept offering them up as a prayer, which did help to keep me from being annoyed.  Then... This morning I got an email from a friend who told me that today is OUR LADY OF LOURDES FEAST DAY!  Wow.  I had no idea!  That is just so cool... ...more

The gift of your physical afflictions

A wave of understanding washes over you when you realize for the first time that something in your body is broken and probably can’t be fixed. Repaired, remodeled, or medicated maybe, but not fixed. At least not in a way that puts it back as it once was. ...more

À AIMER: The Joys of Getting Sick in France, Part Four

 Today the Washington Post reported that the Senate Finance Committee's health care reform bill, if passed, "would require people to buy insurance or face penalties ranging up to $1,900, to be assessed on their income tax returns."...more

Vitamins and Supplements – Good for Adults and Kids?

I have always struggled to get my son to eat healthy foods, as witnessed by his complete refusal to eat fruit.  Vitamin supplements are the next best thing right?  We all know that’s not true.  But when should you rely on vitamins and where do you draw the line on vitamins and supplements? ...more

I tend to stay away from gummy vites just because they tend to stick to your teeth more and ...more