The Fascinating Relationship between Intermittent Fasting and Diabetes

Weight management and Type 2 diabetes...more

Do You Have PCOS? You Might Be At Risk of Getting Diabetes

A large number of women today are diagnosed with PCOS. It is also known as PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a hormonal disorder leading to unnatural periods, ovulation and sometimes problems with fertility and pregnancy. It is mainly caused by the formation of cysts in your ovary. A PCOS patient is mostly asked for an immediate blood test. This is primarily to check your glucose, insulin and hormone levels. Also, patients with PCOS have high chances of getting diabetes as it causes insulin resistance....more

The Ultimate Food Guide For Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a chronic disease which is at the third number in the list of fatal diseases. Diabetic patients have to be extremely careful about what goes inside them. They should avoid eating anything that can lead to a sudden spike in their blood sugar levels. They should eat food that's rich in good carbohydrates. Anything that comes under the 'bad food' category can also be consumed only if eaten in small amounts and occasionally....more

5 Ways Diabetic Socks Promote Healthy Feet


What You Need to Know If You've Just Been Diagnosed with Diabetes

My teenage daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five days before her tenth birthday back in January 2011. It was quite a shock, and our lives were totally thrown upside down and inside out. We now had to test her blood glucose multiple times each day and night, count carbohydrates, administer multiple injections, pack up a bag full of medical supplies each time we ventured out of the house, and were dealing with various highs and lows, both physical and emotional. ...more
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Diabetes AND depression? Your risk for cognitive decline is higher than most

You may have read the diabetes and depression each increase your risk of cognitive decline, but what happens when you have both?A new study from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle has found that people with comorbidity (i.e. the presence of two chronic diseases or disorders at once) have a much higher risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. The Danish study looked at data from 95,691 people who had depression and/or type 2 diabetes. They found: ...more

The Miracle of Cinnamon!

It's rare that we read about something that taste really good to find out that it's healthy for us, too. Cinnamon is both of these things....more
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All the Advice You'll Need to Get Through the Holiday Season with Diabetes

Ah the holidays! It’s that time of year for pumpkin pie, eggnog, mashed potatoes, and your Aunt Betty’s killer candied yams. And if you have diabetes, everything I just wrote made you think: "OMG. My blood sugars are screwed for the next two months." True, the holidays present some unique challenges for people with diabetes. Most specifically, there’s a ton of not-so-diabetes-friendly food around and very little time to sneak in some exercise. But they don’t have to be a total disaster (at least in the glucose department. As far as your crazy in-laws, I can’t help ya there). In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, here are some tips for navigating the holidays for folks that are new to the diabetes world from a person who knows a thing or two about it. ...more
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Do you Shun the Sun?

I don't know what the weather was like where you are, but today where I live in Southern Ontario, we had a beautiful classic fall day.   Crisp, with lovely blue skies and lots of sunshine. I thought to myself, what a great day to get my dose of Vitamin D....more