Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

With the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, many parents experience anxieties concerning the safety and well-being of their children. And for parents of children living with type 1 diabetes, those fears and anxieties can be even more pronounced. Since children with diabetes need special care and considerations, many parents worry that their children's needs aren't being met. Full disclosure: My boyfriend was hyperglycemic since he was seven. He was almost diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was an everyday struggle, but it was manageable. But just last week, it broke my heart that one of my best friends passed away from type 1 diabetes. Until she died, I didn't even know she had it! I felt betrayed - I know, it's selfish of me, but it was how I felt....more

Money.Money. Money

Grilling meat increases risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's

I guess I need to start boiling my meat. I mean, I certainly can't FRY it (heart disease, obesity, etc.) and now I can't GRILL it! And I was doing so well. In fact, I grill at least three times a week. Uh oh.A new study say that heat-processed animal products (e.g., grilled or broiled meats) can actually increase the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's!That's bcause they contact AGEs - advanced glycation endproducts, wich are associated with the worsening of degenerative diseases....more

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Mama

I started to write this post the day before I ended up going to the hospital. I was going to just delete it, but there are so many people with questions as to what to bring to the hospital... especially as a diabetic/c-section patient. So I thought this post would be even more beneficial because I could talk about what I actually ended up using. ...more
Good idea about the extra bags! The hospital gave me some plastic ones but that would be nice to ...more

Does it Hurt?

Does it Hurt? It's becoming my new normal....more

Low, Low, Low

Low, Low, Low I have to ad...more

Labor of Love

Labor of Love Pt.1 This is our insanely beautiful son Kaleb John....more

my diabetes

my diabetes story ...more

GIVEAWAY! Needles Hurt...Buzz the Pain Away

Do you or your children have to get frequent shots due to a medical condition? How about needle sticks for blood sugar checks? Do you work in a doctor's office where you are routinely giving shots? Did you know that there is something out there that can help nearly alleviate the pain? No! Well, have I got something for you!...more

Learning to Live with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes

YOLO - You Only Lantus Once. A little Diabetic humor from 14-year-old Brandon, get it? You only Lantus once? Lantus is a once a day, long acting insulin treatment and only one of the many treatments that Brandon has to administer himself. Brandon's story starts like so many others, he became ill, he was diagnosed with a common ailment - in this instance it was the flu - and he was sent home....more