Female Doctors Or Nurses- Who Are More Impactful?

Approximately 50 percent of the total American population and about 87 percent of those being covered by Medicare suffer from at least one chronic medical adversity such as cancer, osteoporosis, chronic health or lung disease or chronic neurological disorders among many others. What’s worse is that more than half of these people are suffering from at least two....more

I Avoid Doctors

I haven’t indulged in the industry-recommended gynecological “well visit” for almost 6 years. Insert audible gasp here. I am a college-educated, healthy woman and have made a concerted effort to live my healthy lifestyle and avoid the medical industry’s overly generalized recommendations. I'm of the “I control my own health and no one else knows my body like I do” mentality. Bonus: my body vigilance which ensures I feel my blood coursing through my veins and would likely feel and be able to identify the exact vein if it were to get clogged. ...more

Correcting the doctor's mistakes

I had a visit with my doctor in January and at the end of the visit, he told me that I was due to see him for my annual exam in March. I knew this wasn't true. I recall the last time that I saw him was right after Thanksgiving. I remember us talking about holiday plans. I pointed this out to him, but he was adamant that I was due in March....more

WebMD, You Are Killing Me

I was in my early thirties when I first realized I was dying.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so young!  I had so much left to do!  But it turned out that congestive heart failure had other plans for me.  It was so sad I could hardly stand it.“Why in God’s name would you think you have congestive heart failure?”  This was my doctor at the time, who I no longer see due to a certain lack of bedside manner.  Obviously.“I looked up my symptoms,” I told him.  “On WebMD.”...more

Being Biopsied in Your Twenties (Spoiler Alert: It's The Worst)

I had my first breast biopsy on a Monday morning. I realize I've said "my first" as if I were talking about something I will have more of, but I would like for that to not be a possibility. I am a young woman who is all too aware of how common breast cancer is among us. As grateful as I am that my doctor found a suspicious lump early (and taught me how to perform an adequate self-exam), the two weeks of results-limbo post-procedure before I was blessedly told my lump was benign absolutely blew....more

Five Little Monkeys

The Toddler has discovered singing. She has two singing styles: crooning gibberish in a sing-song voice, and shouting random words from the lyrics of songs she knows. Both are hilarious....more

Black diabetic kids aren’t getting needed eye exams. Is medical racism to blame?

 Credit: KzAkabueze – ONEin12...more

Doctors and Jane Austen

The daytime soap opera 'Doctors' recently spent a whole week of episodes based on the works of Jane Austen, using a patient with selective mutism who lives in her own fantasy world as Lizzie Bennet of Pride and Prejudice fame for the Monday and Tuesday instalments, titled 'Austenland', with other books such as Northanger Abbey and Emma dealt with later in the week. Lizzie (and Emma, the two characters seem to be merged) are played straight which makes a strange disconnect with the usual hospital shenanigans....more

What Not to Say in a Doctor's Office Visit

I am not a physician but I work for a hospital and have worked in doctor's offices, too.  I visited many types of physicians and interact with all types of healthcare professionals.  This is not a blog to compliment or criticize healthcare, but just a friendly guideline of what has worked for me.  It feels like an exercise of social interactions or testing their competency....more

I Should Have Been a Doctor

I know my mother would have been happy, (not that she’s upset because I’m not), but I think most of us would agree that it’s still seen as a profession to aspire to.However, I knew very early on, that the doctor thing really wasn’t going to work out. I did better in the subjects of English language and literature, history and geography, while physics, chemistry and biology gave me a rash. Math class was cause for an instant headache and I always felt like a deer in the headlights when Mrs. Hughes would give out those squares of paper signaling a round of mental arithmetic....more