The Case for Running Backwards

There was a lady in our old neighborhood who used to walk up and down the sidewalks backwards.  Sometimes she carried what appeared to be two gallon jugs of drinking water, one in each hand.  She was very thin, made all her own clothes, and had a very complex relationship with her health.  She was extremely concerned about air quality, for example, and yet was married to a man who smoked so much that not only his teeth but both of his hands were yellow from nicotine.  I hated seeing her, not because she was so odd, but because I recognized her as a fellow neurotic. ...more

Wii are Fit


No More Fast Food

I am giving up fast food for an entire month.  I've been keeping track of the amount of fast food I eat, and, although I hate to admit it, I eat four fast food meals, two dinners and two lunches, a week.  The amount of fat I'm ingesting each week is pretty gross, really. So, starting March first, I will no longer be eating any fast food....more

Crunches on the Couch

As I was lying on the sofa reading the latest (fabulous Charleston) edition of Southern Living I was struck by the fact that other than reading, I was doing nothing. Not a single thing. I was not reading while cleaning the kitchen or reading while watching the kiddos or reading while waiting on laundry I was simply, reading. So, I figured I needed this lull in life needed bumping up and, well, "exercise!" came to mind....more

Tired of Keeping the Ship Afloat and the Captain Complains!

I don't know how else to explain today.  I have everybody coming at me at work and at home.   I am in the middle of a tug of war with four hormonal teenagers and one clean freak husband.  I love both sides to death but to come up with a happy median at times is a chore in itself.  What gives?  Can I just come home one day without having everyone charging at me?  One son asks, "mom can you drive me to...?".  My answer is, "hell no, I'm tired and it's a school night.".  My eighteen year old has a mind of his own that he runs the show and will not f...more

The "F" Words - 50, Fitless and now ... Failure

Ok, so this past weekend I was going for a walk.  It didn't happen.  Saturday my son played cricket, that lasted until around noon.  Then I went to the supermarket, then I did the laundry, then I started cleaning the house.  Then I made dinner, did some ironing and ... the walk didn't get slotted in. ...more

A Year of Daily Exercise

35 days ago I started my blog on daily exercise. It was my New Year's resolution that was started a bit late :). After 35 days I have stronger muscles, a smaller waist, and a brand new outlook on what it takes to make and keep a comittment to myself! I always thought that people who exercised every day were fitness fanatics. Now I realize that daily fitness isn't as challenging as I once thought, and also that making myself a priority doesn't make me a fanatic. I am excited to continue my journey for the rest of the year, and for the rest of my life! ...more

I joined the group The 10x ...more

The "F" words - 50 & Fitless

Is there such a word as fitless?  If there is that perfectly describes the state of my being.  Next October 2011 I shall be turning 50.  I remember freaking out badly when I turned 30, I also remember not celebrating when I turned 40 because my husband was turning 38.  But I'm getting close to 50 and I cannot wait.  Maturity is a wonderful thing. ...more

You're right - you can be a normal weight and not be fit. Good luck in your quest to leave ...more

Motivation for Bookworms - Could I Just Read About Doing A Push-Up?

I tell myself I will sign up for that yoga class. I think about it every time I get a twinge or a crook in the neck. The days move forward and so does any lack of movement toward an actual decision or action....more

I guess if you wanna lay on it it has to at least have a butt clear spot.