Robotic Surgery Part III

Tonight at 7:20 on CBS 5, KPIX in the San Francisco Bay Area, join me as I showcase the innovations with Robotic Surgery. I wish that I could bring all of you along with  me to the Operating room and watch a surgery using the DaVinci Robot. Many people hear Robot and automatically think of something out of a Science Fiction movie. And yet, this is just another tool for surgeons to use....more

Robotic Surgery Part II

Easier RecoveryDuring my nursing career, I've cared for many patients who are recovering from surgery. One of the most difficult aspects is the pain they have from the incision or opening in the skin and muscles. These cuts could extend for inches and didn't just leave permanent scars on the skin, the memory of the pain was something that people never forget. Immediately after surgery, coughing, deep breathing and getting up to walk were important, but with excruciating pain, it was often difficult to impossible to motivate people. ...more

The Birth Control Pill Helps Women

Vaginal Discharge: What Does it All Mean

I received this question the other day and know that millions of women have the same question -  so here goes:Help Nurse Barb,...more

Lights, Camera, Stethoscope

Featured in the Los Altos Town Crier Written by Diego Abeloos - Staff Writer/    Wednesday, 23 November 2011  Los Altos resident Barbara Dehn plays many roles for many people.To her family, she’s a mother and wife....more

Heavy Periods

"I decided to stay in the shower, because I was bleeding so heavily that it was just easier that way."Did you know that 1 in 5 women suffer from heavy periods? That's a lot of pads and tampons. Some women have heavy periods their entire lives and some only experience this particularly feminine challenge with perimenopause....more

Wait to Start Pill

After mom's give birth, they need to wait at least 3 weeks before re-starting the birth control pill, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This advice is to help decrease the risk of serious complications such as blood clots. I agree, and want to add a bit more information for new moms. I encourage all of my patients to breastfeed their babies for the 6-12 months that's recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics....more

IUD's in Teens

I've long been a proponent of offering IUDs to teens. Now the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have come out with a recommendation that IUDs can be used with teens....more

Pap Smear Guidelines Updated

This is a screen grab of Naomi Watts in Universal Studio's King Kong and I often wonder if this is how women feel when they think about getting their Pap smear. Do you know anyone who looks forward to their exam?  Most of my patients say that they know it's something that they have to do, and tolerate it so that they can discuss all of their issues during their annual visit....more
I wish I had normal pap smears. Instead mine are abnormal and I usually end up having two or ...more