And from the backseat, I hear, "huh?"

I am putting dinner on the table and call my son to the meal. From upstairs, I hear him respond, "huh?" We are in the pasta aisle at the store and I ask my son what type of noodles we should get. He looks up at me from the cart and says, "huh?"...more

Selective Hearing

Accordingly to the sound expert Julian Treasure (, we spend 60% of our communication time listening but only retain 25% of what we hear—25%!—So if you feel that you are not being heard, you are likely entirely accurate....more

Now Listen Hear!

photoDoesn’t anybody just listen anymore?  I mean really listen? To anyone?...more

Health Salad: a Roundup of Health News

In the past two days, I've bookmarked a lot of interesting health-related articles.  They run the gamut from the brain to weight to cancer... in other words, a holistic health salad looking at all parts of the human body. ...more
I could only hear the first one, so I'm not dead anyway!more

Hearing (365 Days of Blessings – Day 131)

I am thankful for hearingThere are times that I wish I didn’t have to hear a siren for the umpteenth time, or a dog yelping at 5 AM, but if I didn’t hear those things, I wouldn’t hear my baby’s cry, my husband’s snore, the gentle breeze, the waves as they crash on the sand……Warmest regards,...more

Hearing & Running: How loud is your workout music?

After some time off, I'm ready to start thinking about long runs and marathon training. I still have (thankfully) more than 19 weeks until the Vermont City Marathon. Lately I have found myself perusing iTunes, looking for new music to keep me entertained as I get ready to hit the pavement again....more

Good point. Being able to hear your surroundings, especially outdoors, is SO important! more

Say What: Understanding Audiology

When I tell folks I am an Audiology graduate student, I get one of two responses:1.) "What??" (they honestly don't know what audiology is or think I'm studying "ideology")or2.) "What?!?!" (they are making a joke about how they "can't" hear)So, I respond with either:1.) "Well it's a profession that studies, diagnoses and treats hearing losses and fits hearing aids" (among MANY other things)or...more

Mommies and Their Bionic Powers

A few months after I became a mom for the first time over 10 years ago, I noticed a great change within myself. All of a sudden I felt strange. I felt that I had acquired some sort of bionic powers that allowed me to do the seemingly impossible. Some call it having "eyes behind your head", but I don't know, that label conjures up a pretty grotesque picture in my mind. What I have is supersonic hearing! Moms, you know what I mean. You could be in your bedroom with your door closed when all you hear is a loud "BANG!"....more

Rep. Maxine Waters Defends Against Ethics Charges

On August 13, 2010 Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) read a statement and answered questions on ethics charges brought against her by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). The OCE alleges that she inappropriately used her office to secure a meeting regarding what would later become TARP funding for OneUnited -- a bank her husband was a board member of from 2004 to 2008 and was a stock holder in at the time of the meeting. See this video for a summary of Rep. Waters' remarks. ...more