High blood pressure? Now they can remove the nerve connecting the kidney to the brain

I like to read about brain-related news because it's such a fascinating and complex enigma. And this new tidbit could save some lives (and/or neurons!) ...more

Death Becomes Me

Death Becomes Me   ...more

Getting Healthy

If I had it my way, my diet would consist of fruits, vegetables, chicken (grilled or baked), seafood, water with 3 slices of lemon, and various nuts.  Man, that would be great! But, alas, I have 2 sons and a husband to feed, who enjoy more than the plethora of nuts and berries I like. Recently, I have started to change the foods we eat....more

Need an answered prayer?

JMJ Do you have a prayer request? A special need?  Well, I spent all night placing a live webcam to Lourdes, France on my website, including a little mailbox to their prayer request email.  All kinds of weird computer problems kept cropping up, and I kept offering them up as a prayer, which did help to keep me from being annoyed.  Then... This morning I got an email from a friend who told me that today is OUR LADY OF LOURDES FEAST DAY!  Wow.  I had no idea!  That is just so cool... ...more

Wait.....seriously? I'm A Mom??

Well world....I'm finally a mom. Truly a scary thought. I never thought this would happen to me. I mean I have dreamed about becoming a mom since I was 5, literally. If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always: A MOM. See?...more

Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Prevent Heart Disease

February is National Heart Health Month...During this month we try to bring awareness to the symptoms and prevention of heart disease. Although many forms of heart disease are preventable, it continues to be the leading cause of death in women. According to the American Heart Association, each year nearly half a million women die of heart disease. ...more

thnaks for the information and also a reminder to always look after our health.


The Bottom Line on High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is called the silent killer because it can cause damage to your heart and blood vessels even though you may not have any symptoms.  One out of three adults in the United States has high blood pressure.  Many people think of high blood pressure as an older persons disease, however an alarming increase has been observed among ...more
I found some helpful advice on this website that explains how to measure your own blood pressure ...more

Five Small Diet Changes for Big Health Benefits

Are you one of the millions of people who have made a resolution to better health in 2010?  If so, one of the best ways to improve your overall health is to make smarter food choices.  But, you don't have to go on a strict diet to gain the benefits of healthier eating. In a bad economy it's very easy to fall into the trap of "dollar menus" and "buy one, get one free" junk food.  It seems that the cheap foods are often the most unhealthy.  But it is possible to make small dietary changes that can benefit your health without hurting your pocketbook....more

Hi Michelle.  Back in 2008 I wrote a quick post on keeping a food diary, and talked ...more

The gift of your physical afflictions

A wave of understanding washes over you when you realize for the first time that something in your body is broken and probably can’t be fixed. Repaired, remodeled, or medicated maybe, but not fixed. At least not in a way that puts it back as it once was. ...more

How I Plan To Lower My Blood Pressure In 2010

My last post was asking the question - Are you healthier than you were 10 years ago?  [If you didn't already, go over and let me know by taking the poll at the bottom of the post].  Today's post is about how I plan to get healthier (and reduce my blood pressure) in the next year. This isn't so much a resolution, as it is a project.  You see, even with medication my blood pressure and heart rate are extremely high.  I even wrote about it here......more

Not only can't I take medications that would be much more helpful in the treatment of my high ...more