No Mothers Day: Skip the Presents This Year to Raise Awareness for Maternal Health

Every 90 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from a pregnancy-related complication. This isn't just a "third world" problem. The United States currently ranks 50th in the world for maternal health. It is safer to give birth in Bosnia or Kuwait than in California. But what we do here ultimately affects women everywhere....more
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How Kenyan Women Are Decreasing Infant Mortality

After a first full day of learning about home healthcare visits and HIV testing, day 2 of our trip to Kisumu was dedicated to learning about maternal and newborn health in Kenya. ...more
I lived in Kenya for four months while we were evacuated from our work in Somaliland and ...more

The Most Important Mother's Day Gift Ever

By Commentarista Allison Riellly...more

(VIDEOS) The Pence Amendment and Planned Parenthood: Do More Than Sign a Petition

You might feel outnumbered (though you are actually in the majority), or that you don’t have the money or mainstream media access to be effective. So you must use what you've got, and believe me when I tell you that the resources you need are always there if you can see them and have the courage to use them. ...more
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Own Your Beauty, Month 1: The Authentic Woman's Body

I began to notice little glimpses of other women's bodies. Mothers who were clearly never overweight but who still carried the marks of a pregnancy, mothers who had stretch marks all the way down their legs, just like I did, women with unconventional proportions, even some men with stretch marks. ...more

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Where We Stand On Maternal Health

Where We Stand On Maternal HealthHopefully the media coverage of the handful of  not-so-peaceful protesters at G20 did not over shadow what the purpose of the summit was for. My fear is that for some women it became too much of a circus too follow and not engaging enough to bring the issues home. ...more

Promise You a Miracle at Oxfam

Vitamin D and Your Children: What is all the hype about?

In the news lately there has been some discussion about Vitamin D and the general deficiency in North America including because of the higher latitude, a propensity to be indoors and increasing use of sunscreen. To be honest, until I had my son, I never gave it much thought, but since my pediatrician recommended giving Vitamin D drops daily since he was an infant, the topic seems to have exploded....more

New York City to Moms: No More Home Births

I've always wanted to live in New York. For a long time, I imagined that living in New York meant having access to anything you want, whenever you want it -- great pizza! real bagels! somebody who knows somebody who's touched Donald Trump's hair! -- all against the backdrop of bright lights and big city and possibly Sarah Jessica Parker loping in tutus in front of buses. Which, from what I understand from friends who live in New York, is mostly all true, except for the Sarah Jessica part. ...more

Like you, I've never been a home birth advocate. I had my daughter in the hospital with an ...more

Where Do You Find the Healthiest Moms And Babies? Hint: Not the U.S.

Where's the best place in the world, if you measure "best" by the health of mothers? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, it's not the United States. But neither is it Canada or Great Britain or any other of the major players on the global stage. The best place in the world for the health of mothers is -- wait for it -- Norway. ...more