7 Things To Know About Perimenopause (AKA Why I'm Crying/Yelling/Bleeding Everywhere)

I’m not mourning the possible loss of fertility. I’m mostly just waiting to see what happens next, like some sort of hormonal roulette. Content notice: pregnancy, birth, graphic description of menstruation.When I was in fourth grade, I wore a size 28AAA bra.AAA is not a size. It’s just a nice way saying “you have literally zero breast tissue.”...more

Hormone Hell

I am on day 17 of my 28 day cycle. Actually, I lied, my cycle can vary from 26 days to 30 days -- It all depends on my stress levels, activity levels, and who knows what else, but it’s comes every month on the regular.  If you’re a female who is (or has) ovulated, you know what I am talking about -- our period, our menstruation, our monthly gift.  It’s not a topic many talk about, in fact many may think it’s too shameful and gross to talk about.  No, it’s not shameful - it’s natural....more

Every 28 Days, I'm a Bleeder

According to rough calculations, I’ve had my menstrual period 340 times in my life, and still, every 28 days, like clockwork, I’m surprised. Despite my regularity, with the date long predicted, every month, it’s like we’re meeting for the first time. I don’t think there's ever been a time when I’ve gone to wipe, saw the smear of bright red and haven’t thought, for a split-second, “maybe I’m bleeding out.” ...more
bameng  I sent him the drug store this month because I was down to regulars and seriously was on ...more

Bloody good time! Periods and cramps

Girls frighten me a little. I don’t have any experience raising up daughters. But I’m related to females, I’ve worked with them, and I’ve taught them.I often thought, “How hard can it be?”Then I watched Thirteen, with Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood. It’s a movie about a young, 7th grade girl, who blows guys and does more coke than a dorm full of 1980s liberal arts majors. It freaked me out....more

Menarche - Is Your Daughter Ready for Her First Menses?

Whether because of fear, myth, misinformation or culture many young girls the world over are startled to the point of panic when their first period begins.  Yesterday was the anniversary of my first menses.  Each year I remember how anti-climactic the situation was....more

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Menstruation

I remember the day my period started for the first time. I was 12 and other than hearing the vague and cryptic comments from my friends at school and an older sister who had shared a little bit about their own experiences with me, I was woefully unprepared. I have good parents whom I love dearly, but I think there was a whole generation of young girls who were as unprepared for this life event as I was, because menstruation wasn't something we talked about. ...more
QueenMomJen we talk a lot in the car too. I think it's almost like a non chat as we are focusing ...more

Aunt Flo Gets a New Handbag

Image Credit: “Granny Gumshoe” (by Gill Fox, published in National Comics #57, December 1946 by Quality Publishing) via Wikia...more

Menstruation. Does it weird you out?

So, my Sinful Sunday picture last week. Did you see it? Did it weird you out? I won't repost it here but, for those who have not yet seen it and would like to, you can follow the link to take you to Crimson Splendour....more

The Truth About Menstrual Cups - A Diva Cup Review

Warning: This Diva Cup Review is a review of a reusable menstrual cup. If you are a guy, periods gross you out, or you don't want to hear things that may be TMI, you may want to move along. For a similar topic, check out my fertility planner. ...more

How I Learned to Love My Menstrual Cup

As some of you may recall, I'm doing some work with Mother Nature Partnership, a fabulous organization providing women in rural Cameroon with reproductive health education and hygienic, reusable menstrual cups to replace the dangerous, unhygienic, and just all-around uncomfortable and inconvenient methods of managing their periods. Obviously I think this project is brilliant and am a big fan of menstrual cups because there are fewer chemicals in the body and fewer tampons in the landfill. At least, I was a big fan of them in theory. Despite talking them up all over the Internet and to anyone who didn't look ready to keel over from squeamishness in person for the past couple of months, I had yet to actually use one myself. ...more
The great thing about the internet is that you don't have to read everything on it. I personally ...more