Can Your Period Make You Sick?

I wasn't going to write anything today because I'm just not feeling very well.  It's nothing serious. I just have a little springtime cold that's nagging at me. It makes me feel tired and unmotivated. You know... even more than usual. But then I noticed something and I got curious and did a little research and learned something new so I thought I would share it....more

My 2014 Book of the Year is Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body

Granted that we are not even two weeks into the beginning of 2014, but I know without a doubt this book will remain my favorite of the year – at least in the women’s health category.Why is Girl to Girl my favorite book??...more
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You Deserve Free Tampons in Public Restrooms

It's whispered from woman to woman between bathroom stalls, a slight tinge of oh shit in the undertone: Do you have a tampon? From the New Jersey Turnpike to a Chili's in Sacramento, thousands of women find themselves daily with their panties around their ankles, cursing the fact that they're miles from their tampon stash. ...more
tasteful I'm not sure free tampons is necessary but I don't understand your logic. We aren't ...more

Your period and your practice

While wishing my yoga students good-bye after a 3:30 class, a student approached sheepishly.  As I lifted my gaze to make eye contact with Keely, she asked where I had procured my yoga shorts.  As I looked down at my well-worn, four year old shorts, Keely continued to speak. Keely indicated that she used to engage in a regular yoga practice however, she quit 8 months earlier and has finally come back.  ...more

Teenage Girl Hormones Are Strong -- and Contagious!

My boobs are HUGE today. I had a slight headache yesterday and a weird weepy spell and an insatiable hunger for chocolate. I woke up today to cramps and huge boobs so, yeah, it all makes sense now. It's "that" time of the month. In decades of this same pattern, I have been surprised each time by the simple explanation for symptoms that had me puzzled right up until I finally connected the (red) dots. Except I have not had periods for years. I am post-menopausal so, WTF?...more
Being a teenager myself, I know exactly what you are talking about! :) Oh those crazy hormones.more


You would think that something all women do – or have done - monthly would be well understood and everyone would know all there is to know about it.  Unfortunately, that is not the reality.  One reason for that may be that our bodies are all different, so we experience the menstrual cycle in our own unique way.   Therefore, basic information doesn’t apply to everyone and adds to the confusion.  Also, there are many myths out there about the PERIOD along with pseudo science sites propagating misinformation, which can make us all a little bonkers.*  Lastly, the m...more
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THEN and NOW: Remedies for What Ails the Menstruating Woman.

Recently, I was perusing the book section of a very dusty second hand/antiques store and came across a really interesting women’s health soft covered book titled: “CARDUI Medical Advice for Women” published by the Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, TENN.   The book is “A Simple Treatise on the Diseases AND Physiological Functions of Women, With Information on Hygiene, Diet and Exercise.”  Fun stuff considering that this book was published anywhere from 1880-1910 to promote the publisher’s treatments for women’s reproductive health malfunctions.  (To Antiques Road Sho...more
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Sunday Bloody Sunday.

NB: if detailed discussions of menstruation bother you, you may want to skip this post. ...more

Your Period Is Not a Dirty or Toxic Thing

The perception of menstruation throughout medical history illustrates how cultural constructs can and often do cause science to pursue and support hypotheses that enforce inaccurate predetermined notions. More important, however, is that in sifting through the historical baggage of menstruation, we are forced to question how we see and what we feel about our bodies. How much of these views are based on personal experience and how much are culturally imposed? ...more
Gosh, what backward and woman-hating ideas. If women ran the world, periods would be holidays ...more

What are the Real Questions About Puberty, Periods and Products Teens Have

No doubt that many moms & dads, along with their daughters, have or had questions about puberty, periods and the menstrual protection products that would be best for them to use.   One thing that I have learned over the years is that the questions that teens have can be different from the concerns or issues that their parents think they have.  Sometimes when parents talk to their daughters and think they have addressed their questions, they haven't.  Sorry about that reality, since many of us do our best to impart info to our kids to help make their lives easier.&nbs...more
@elaineR.N. They do! I feel so filled in my heart to know that my two daughters, and my son, ...more