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No More Fast Food

I am giving up fast food for an entire month.  I've been keeping track of the amount of fast food I eat, and, although I hate to admit it, I eat four fast food meals, two dinners and two lunches, a week.  The amount of fat I'm ingesting each week is pretty gross, really. So, starting March first, I will no longer be eating any fast food....more

Duck is Tasty

Duck is tasty. Or so Mr Goog tells me. I wouldn't know, I'm a vegetarian, and always have been. ...more

Foods for a Natural Morning Boost

We’ve ALL been there. Some of us are there every day. We wake up as one-eyed, one-worded, zombie-esque beings until the coffee IV drip hits the bloodstream and transforms us back into humans. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a better way, keep reading. Keep the Coffee…Just Cut Back:...more

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I remember back when I was in university, screaming girls would line up to have Jamie Oliver, "The Naked Chef" autograph his latest cookbook. These days I would be one of the first in line to promote his cause. His current mission is to fight the obesity epidemic by inspiring families to cook, educating kids about food and improving how they eat at school. Last weekend I watched his passionate talk at TED, and wanted to share it here because I agree with his food philosophy....more

Have a Heart for Diet Coke?

Are you hooked on diet sodas, thinking you can shed a few extra pounds by avoiding sugar? Here’s what Marcelle Pick, NP, Co-Founder of the Women-to-Women Clinic in Yarmouth, Maine has to say about diet sodas and how they affect women. “Companies have spent billions of dollars convincing all of us that diet soda is the healthier, lighter choice — that all we have to lose is the calories, ergo the weight. And since so many of us are struggling with ...more

Seven Tips to Avoid Overeating Guilt

Do you suffer from overeating guilt? For most of us, food is more than just the nourishment needed for our survival, it's also an emotional roller coaster (with many ups and downs).  One slice of chocolate cake can take us from desire to exhilaration to satisfaction and land us right into guilt.  Which is exactly why they call it a guilty pleasure.  But should we really feel guilty for eating something simply for the pleasure of it?  Of course not.  So why do we? ...more

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The "F" words - 50 & Fitless

Is there such a word as fitless?  If there is that perfectly describes the state of my being.  Next October 2011 I shall be turning 50.  I remember freaking out badly when I turned 30, I also remember not celebrating when I turned 40 because my husband was turning 38.  But I'm getting close to 50 and I cannot wait.  Maturity is a wonderful thing. ...more

You're right - you can be a normal weight and not be fit. Good luck in your quest to leave ...more

Whole Grains: What's the Problem, People?

I'm old enough to remember when "brown bread" was something exotic and vaguely threatening that only the hippie family down the street was brave enough to eat. As a kid, I assumed there was only one "normal" kind of flour: white. Same thing with rice. And the only variety we got as far as grains were bowls of Cheerios, Cornflakes, or Raisin Bran. But most often, we got our grains in the form of Wonderbread, Oreos, and Poptarts. ...more

I recently "developed" a "go-to" formula for making quick & easy grain dishes using ...more

early bird

This blog follows the journey of my 4th pregnancy from the fleck we saw at the first ultrasound to the birth and nicu stay of my beautiful little bird born at 27 weeks and 4 days. The bane of my life is my antiphospholipid syndrome which has caused 3 miscarriages, including the loss of our son, Max, at 21 weeks. ...more