Two for the road

Went to the dermatologist yesterday and had a biopsy done for possible skin cancer. Went to the oral surgeon this morning and had a clean bill of health on the potential of an oral cancer spot, but also had a root extraction to boot. I can only drink cold for 48 hours… Hello…weekend! ...more

P no longer stands for “party”

Long ago I accepted that I could no longer drink two pitchers of beer, dance until 2 am, eat a fourth meal at Taco Bell, get up at 8 am for class, followed by work and writing a term paper before hitting the bars again with no physical repercussions at all. (Just reading that makes me want to nap. Then again most things make me want to nap these days)....more

Young people who use sunbeds ‘are twice as likely to develop deadliest skin cancer’

By now most everyone knows that overexposure to the sun creates a risk for not only dry, leathery skin but the possibility of creating skin cancer. Sun exposure or tanning rays from tanning beds may accelerate skin cancer, too, so you may want to rethink lying in a UV bed that bakes you on all sides. We need Vitamin D say the experts but only 20 minutes of sun exposure each day is the recommended dose and you can get that by taking a walk or deliberately sitting outside enjoying Mother Nature....more


I love holiday weekends – they always include some fun in the sun with family and friends.  Where I live now it also means pool, lake or beach get-togethers.  All great, with one big, big request and that is to PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN.  While the sun is our friend, the National Institute of Health (NIH) reports that reducing unprotected exposure to the sun and artificial light from tanning beds, tanning booths, and sun lamps can lower the risk of skin cancer....more
@KarenLynnn Just saw this. And, so glad you have sunscreen for the cruise! My skin is ...more

Sun you burned me twice! Why do I still worship you?

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I don't think you have to learn to live without the sun! Just learn to PROTECT YOURSELF from it! ...more

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Sunscreens: Everything You Need to Know

Skin cancer is scary and ugly. I should know. I've had it seven times. And every time, I've had to have it cut out or burned off in order to control it....more

I am the same way - fair skinned and easily burned. I'm always the lightest of my friends. I ...more

Sunning To Get Safer?

File this one under government efficiency....more

Do you know what sunscreens do?

Why do you apply sunscreen? Do you want to protect yourself against UVB rays? UVA rays? Are you trying to prevent skin cancer?Did you know that sunscreen does not protect you against skin cancer?This definitely was news to me. I guess I assumed sunscreen was a magical potion that could protect you from many of the sun’s evils. But it turns out that sunscreen just prolongs the amount of time you can be exposed to the sun without getting a sunburn....more

Can Foods Help Protect Skin From Sun Damage?

As a child, and while growing up, few of us used sunscreen. As a result, most of us have sun damage to our skin, especially on our faces. As we get older, we will notice more wrinkles, sun spots and “leathery” skin; with a lot of the damage coming from our fun in the sun. Luckily, getting older also means getting wiser, and we now take steps to protect ourselves from sun damage....more