A Fifth Marlboro Man Dies of Smoking Related Illness

Eric Lawson, an actor who portrayed the iconic figure of Marlboro Man, has died at the age of 72. He died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a disease caused by smoking....more

Miley Cyrus Can Stop Smoking Cigarettes (and so can you)

According to her hit song “We Can’t Stop”, there are many things Miley Cyrus does not wish to stop. But cigarette smoking is apparently not one of them....more

Health Query: Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is really occupied these days. They’re thinking of, and probably already working on, rules for selling electronic cigarettes. With many doctors complaining about the rising use of e-cigarette smokers, perhaps the FDA should hustle. But are electronic cigarettes completely safe?They’re not. To begin with, no electronic device that contains a battery and a heating device is a hundred percent safe. Add to that the nicotine it contains and you have an addicting gadget. However, many believe that electronic cigarettes are much safer than any type of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes: Blessing or bane?...more

A Tribute To Secrets

A TRIBUTE TO SECRETS Secrets.We all have them.What are they really but moments full of regret, otherwise we'd all be bragging, right?I have a few.Most will go with me to the grave. No one knows everything. Thank God....more

A Tribute To Secrets

9.20.2013A TRIBUTE TO SECRETS Secrets.We all have them....more

Attention All Smokers - I'm Sorry for being a Hypocrite!

Smokers of the world, I owe you a huge, fat, f%$#@*! apology. For  years, I was smug. I couldn't understand why smokers would knowingly  "take 7 minutes off their life" with every cigarette. I  arrogantly smirked at the stupidity of spending  thousands of dollars on a habit that would  eventually kill you. ...more
@Only-Mama  Awww...thank you. I am all about "Let's be honest" because I feel that we grow up ...more

I'm Going to Be a Mom: I Can't Smoke

It probably sounds unbelievable, but at that moment, I just knew in my gut that I was carrying a child. Even though my boyfriend and I weren't actively trying for a baby, we knew it was a real possibility and embraced the thought of parenthood as well as any fancy-free couple could. The image of smoke reaching my baby tortured me, and I threw my half-done cigarette out the car window. That was that. ...more
I love this post. Becoming a mother is such a powerful thing. And it's HARD! I've never been a ...more

Yes, I'm judging you

I try really hard to not judge other people, especially parents. Parenting is freekin tough. Kids are wild little unpredictable creatures with minds of their own who don’t always want to behave in a way that’s socially acceptable.  Parents have to make a million choices every day. We pick our battles....more

A Tiny Hiccup

Yesterday I wrote about the tiny step I've taken to quitting smoking.  By yesterday, I had figured out that I have a tiny hiccup in my plan!My e-cigarette is battery operated.  It has to be plugged in every so often to re-charge.  What I didn't plan for is what I would do while it's charging.  It never crossed my mind to get an extra one to use while one is charging.  Yes, I'm a doofus!...more