Black Lungs

I’m dying.  The doctor said it, standing there in the hall with my x-ray films, so it must be true.  Now the kids crouch beside me and talk loud, as if I’m deaf.  Coddle me.  Bring me cases of Ensure.  Their whispers are like buzzing flies when they think I’m asleep. The grandkids beg me to give up cigarettes.  “So you’ll live longer, Gramps,” they say.  “We want you with us forever.” They don’t know what it’s like to only have one comfort left in the world.  Well, maybe two.  My easy chair in front of the big screen tv conso...more

It's No Ordinary Love

**Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health** I remember the first time I picked up a cigarette. It was a mundane Monday evening (sometime in late June) in a pub called 10 Downing Street in Hyderabad, India. It wasn't love at first sight. Was just plain lust. Trying to wrap my head around the mysticism that is around something that is new, unknown. ...more

Smoking can give you cancer and take away your erection!

The woman takes in a drag slowly....more

Will Graphic Images on Cigarette Health Warnings Work?

As a smoker, I have encountered these warnings, usually when I perceived a change in the wording or when, while traveling in a different country, I encountered the warning in another language. I even collected the warnings, as a sort of travel memento. As far as contemplating my health, they seemed to have no effect. It's possible that the drastic change from text to imagery will attract some attention, but when I initially contemplated the notion, I wasn't moved. ...more

I think the labels will target those who have not yet purchased their first pack. It may also ...more

It's Time To Quit Smoking: Are E-Cigarettes the Answer?

A few weeks ago my daughter and I were at the mall doing some back-to-school shopping and walked by a kiosk selling what looked like cigarettes. We both thought it was odd, but we assumed it must be some type of "quit smoking" device. As we walked by I noticed a sign that claimed it was a "clean" way to smoke. At the time we just rolled our eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, and wondered why anyone would want to pay money for something that looked like a cigarette but wasn't? ...more
@Pheisty Completely agree.   The unfortunate thing here is money.  Money rules all and ...more

Why Are So Many People Still Smoking?

Health officials reported this week that U.S. smoking rates are not going down, and that one if five adults are still smoking regularly.  I find this news so disappointing, especially considering that smoking is the number one cause of "preventable" deaths in this country.  What are people thinking? ...more
See, this is how I feel about tanning. Why are people still doing it when there's so much ...more

What's the Right Answer When Your Teen Asks If You've Ever Smoked Pot?

But what happens when your kids ask you if you ever participated in such shenanigans? Inevitably, your teen will ask a tricky question such as: Have you even tried marijuana? How much did you party (i.e. drink) in high school? When did you lose your virginity? ...more

Holy Smokes, Vicki! Thanks for catching that. I feel terrible that I misrepresented this ...more

I was loyal to the Parliament, 'Lights to Whites'

          Once upon a time smoking was glamorous, right? I'm not suggesting our granddad's smoking packs of malboro reds or creepy people or anything and this was waaaay before we knew about the black lung of course. I'm thinking Kate Moss or Greta Garbo. ...more

Tobacco Mints? New to a classroom in your school...

 The slogan by Camel for the new tobacco mints is: "Enjoy them Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace."R.J. Reynolds might as well have added: "For ANYONE." And perhaps: "Share them at SCHOOL!"...more

(VIDEO) What Are You Doing to Shorten Your Life?

Let's play a little drinking game (yes, in the middle of the workday -- "why not?" this irresponsible blogger says). I'll lead you through a list of things that are subtracting years from your life according to Yahoo as seen in a "sobering study," and for every action you currently do, take a swig of Snapple (oh, wait, you thought I meant alcohol? Are you crazy? That stuff will kill you!). Ready? ...more

Or spinach--we tuck spinach under the cheese and it's so damn good.

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