Health care and Fire Fighting

I have to respond to the assumption that I expect health care to be
free. By no means do I think that I should be able to walk in and get
whatever health care I or my family want.

What I am saying is that there needs to be a way to make healthcare affordable.

One of the biggest barriers to this is the health insurance industry.

Anyone who thinks that the way that we are providing health care today is the most efficient is sorely uneducated.

you know that in the 1800's fire departments would not put out your
burning house unless you had purchased insurance from them?
Firefighting was a private for profit industry. If you hadn't bought
their insurance they could haggle with you in front of your burning

Around the time of the Civil War, firefighting in big
cities was reformed and taken over by the government. Currently
firefighters in most cities are trained by the government, employed by
the government and given health care -- wait for it -- by the

You can rebuild a house, you can't come back from the dead.


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