Health Care, Reproductive Rights, The Economy, The War: Why Would Clinton Supporters Vote For McCain?

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I think all the talk about women supporters of Hillary Clinton, voting for John McCain, is being overblown by the media. Shocking.

Yes, it has been a tough time to be a Hillary supporter. And yes, there are a lot of fresh wounds that will take time to heal. However, I do believe that most women who supported Hillary, did so because of her positions on the issues, and not just because she is a woman. For that reason, I have to believe that after careful consideration of the issues (especially women's issues), Clinton supporters will see that a vote for McCain, would be a vote against women.

For the record, I admit...I'm still holding out hope for the dream ticket. But, no matter how this all shakes out, come November, I'm voting Democrat.

Here is some of what other bloggers are saying about this issue...

Will Pro-Choice Women Vote For McCain?

Following up on my post from yesterday on John McCain's bid for Hillary Clinton's female voters, I see my good friend Arianna Huffington has finally joined the ranks of pro-choice bloggers and writes about a promising poll by Planned Parenthood. The poll concludes that many of McCain's supporters in swing states are pro-choice, and don't realize what a reactionary barbarian he is when it comes to a woman's right to control her own body.

From an Open Letter to Women Supporters of Hillary Clinton

I have family members who have strong ties to Bill and Hillary, one of whom campaigned with them during the primaries. I can't tell you the love and admiration she has for the Clintons. However, she is going to set aside her personal feelings and work hard to ensure an Obama presidency. She is well-aware of the consequences if he is not elected. You may choose to follow Hillary's lead and switch your allegiance to Obama.

You may also choose not to vote; or (as some of you have indicated) vote for John McCain The latter two options are one-in-the-same. Since record numbers of Democratic voters are expected to turn out for November’s elections vs. a lesser amount of Republican voters, a non-vote will essentially benefit McCain.

Should you choose to vote for McCain, you would be wise to study up on McCain’s positions regarding issues which are important to most women.

White Women To vote Against Reproductive Rights

Yeah, that'll show him! John McCain is in favor of forced pregnancy, but these women would rather vote for him than Obama.

John McCain's healthcare plan is "let the market handle it" (like it has been handling it so far), but these women would rather vote for him than Obama.

John McCain is obsessed with fighting wars and extending the war of choice on Iraq, but these women would rather vote for him than Obama. Why? Because they seem to feel that Hillary Clinton is somehow entitled to the nomination, despite the fact that she didn't get the votes.

A Hidden Well: Obama in 08...

I just ordered an Obama in 08 bumper sticker from Hillary was my candidate of choice, for many reasons, but mainly because she has been a champion for women's reproductive rights, justice, and health for thirty years. However, the reality is that Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton, has been chosen as the Democratic presidential nominee. And sure, I experienced some initial disappointment over this. But it is what it is, as my friend Jayne would say. So now I'm ready to step up to the plate in support of Obama and do everything in my power to make sure that he is elected the next president of the United States.

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Are you a woman who was supporting Hillary Clinton? Will you now support Barack Obama? What are the chances you would vote for John McCain? Are you mad enough to risk another four years of Republicans in the White House?

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan at, The Political Voices of Women, Care2 Election Blog


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