Health Care - Who Cares?

I Care!  Where the heck does the Obama Administration get off devaluing life in this country???   Ezekiel Emanuel, health advisor to President Obama is devaluing life as we know it.  When did the aged, disabled, or very young become of lesser value than the young adult?

I don't know the ins and outs of this blogging, but I am so upset with this administration that I don't care how this looks. I don't care about my grammar. I just care about enlightening people to what this government is planning. 

President Obama says to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with.  Look at Ezekeil Emanuel, Peter Singer, Cass Sustein, and the list goes on.  Do you care about your parents care?  Do you care about your handicapped loved one, your baby?  Read Emanuel's article, read Peter Singer's thoughts.  It will scare you to death. 

Don't write off the concerned citizens of this country.  We have compassion for the citizens of this country.  We are not people that have no compassion - because we oppose this administration, this administration who believes everyone deserves health care insurance, just not health care - if you are old, disabled or too young to be called " a human being".  Look at what this administration is proposing, don't just blindly follow.



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