The #BlogHer17 Kick-Off Keynote, presented by HelloFlo

On Thursday June 22nd the BlogHer annual conference launches its new Health & Wellness theme with a frank and provocative conversation about women’s bodies, health, and rights, hosted by our sister SheKnows Media property, HelloFlo.

First, Starr Barbour the CEO of the StillGoing online meditation coaching service with begin with a Mindful Moment exercise of quiet reflection and meditation. 

We then move to our Passion to Profit panel featuring featuring three influencers who have built massive online audiences (and subsequently livelihoods) doing what they love best.

The conversation will be led by Tai Beauchamp, a veteran journalist, media personality and entrepreneur who is the founder of You may remember Tai as she was one of our judges at our very first Pitch competition at #BlogHer15.

She’ll be joined Anastasia Ashley, who parlayed being a professional surfer into a career as a model (including in Sports Illustrated) and ultimately an Instagram influencer with more than a million followers on that platform.

Finally, Gabi Gregg is known for making the transition from a style blogger who encourages women of all sizes and cultures to feel beautiful to the swimwear designer behind Gabi Fresh, whose collection has been featured in Glamour, Teen Vogue and on “Good Morning America”. It’s the dream trajectory for many a blogger, and she’ll be at #BlogHer17 to tell us all about how it happened. 

Look to hear authentic tales of starting out, starting to scale, and keeping their audiences engaged and integrity intact in all they do, including making a living.

Next, a conversation between Chelsea Clinton and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

Chelsea has already been passionate about issues in the health space, using her doctoral dissertation to examine the first decade of the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria. Today, health continued to be one of her focus areas: You may know she’s the Vice-Chair of the Clinton Foundation, where she works across programs to address major health issues like the opioid epidemic and childhood obesity.  Her focus on health has also led her to positions lecturing at the Columbia School of Public Health, as well as opportunities to serve on the boards of the Clinton Foundation’s affiliated Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHIA) - which works to expand access to lifesaving HIV/AIDS medications and services in the developing world, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation - a partnership between the Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association, and the Weill Cornell Medical College.  Recently, Chelsea has also become a very vocal advocate for women’s health, women's rights and other social justice issues online…on Twitter she's known for her own sharp commentary, but as a gateway to other great sources of information. (She's @ChelseaClinton on Twitter)

Whether it’s ACA or the latest tax plan Planned Parenthood always seems to be at the center of political debate. While abortion continues to draw controversy even 44 years after the right to choose became the law of the land, today, the controversy has extended to one about women’s health more broadly. It seems everyone has an opinion about women’s access to contraception, preventive testing, and even the value of maternity care! While those conversations in Washington seem to be dominated by rooms full of men, we thought a room full of women deserved to hear the positions of Planned Parenthood on all of these issues, straight from the source. 

We can’t wait to hear Chelsea and Cecile discuss the politics, economics, and emotions that are intertwined with women’s health issues here and around the world.

From the political to the personal, HelloFlo presents “Between the Stirrups…”, part of our continuing mission to get us all comfortable with our bodies, with sex, and with not only being positive and empowered women when it comes to our bodies and health, but raising the next generation to be positive and empowered too. HelloFlo founder and SheKnows Senior Vice President Naama Bloom will lead what is guaranteed to be an enlightening chat (and maybe a slightly wild one) because she is joined by none other than comedian, actress, activist Margaret Cho and television sexpert Logan Levkoff (who spoke on BlogHer’s very first panel about sex back at BlogHer ’06!!!).