Bits of Wisdom and Inspiration from BlogHer '14

We learned a lot at BlogHer '14. We laughed. We cried. We danced. We networked with brands. We made new friends. And, quite often, we sat in the audience as smart, accomplished women shared bits of their stories, bits of their journeys with us. It's that, the sharing, that always makes BlogHer such an amazing experience....more

The 2014 Photos of the Year and Voices of the Year Readers!

They're here! Read on for the bloggers who read their amazing, passionate, hysterically funny, and poignant posts at BlogHer's Friday night Voices of the Year Community Keynote—and see all 10 brilliant pictures honored in BlogHer's very first Photos of the Year. ...more
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BlogHer '14 Opening Video: "I Am BlogHer"

BlogHer '14 kicked off with a video that showed us in words and pictures and—most of all—faces what it means to be ... us. The community. The past 10 years have brought us together to start important conversations, support each other and reach through the ether with virtual hugs and comfort when one of ours stumbled and fell. Whether you're here with us right now in San Jose or watching along at home, you are our community. You are BlogHer. ...more
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Wisdom from Pathfinder Day that You Simply Can't Miss

Pathfinder Day '14 was a both with our attendees and those following the #PathfinderDay hashtag on Twitter. We rounded up some of the most inspirational, informative, and really just perfect tweets from the day for you in this one place. If you're trying to figure out what your next step is and you couldn't attend Pathfinder Day, start here....more

15 Excellent Answers to "Why Do You Blog?"

"Why do you blog?" or "Why did you start blogging?" are often the first questions asked in any interview with a blogger. They're very different questions, though, aren't they? Whether you've been blogging for months or years, why you started and why you continue may be fundamentally different things. As part of our 10-year anniversary Selfiebration, I scoured the Internet to find out what drives us to keep pressing publish....more
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Gain BlogHer '14 Connections Without Leaving Your House: Introducing BlogHer at Home From Skype

Six years ago, BlogHer at Home was created by community members Nic (@mybottlesup) and Jenn Jacura (@PrincessJenn) as a way to connect non-attendees during BlogHer '09. What began as a way to have a conversation turned into a party. Of course it did! BlogHers know how to have a good time. ...more
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Play the BlogHer '14 Selfiebration Game and Win! Fabulous! Prizes!

As you may have heard, we're having a little Selfiebration this week in San Jose! And in keeping with that theme, we can't wait to see the flood of beautiful, hilarious, awesome selfies that will stream to various screens around the conference venue—and also flow from within the walls of the convention center out to the broader BlogHer community via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, our blogs, and every other social platform.  ...more
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Download the BlogHer '14 Conference Guide: Everything You Need to Know for San Jose!

In an effort to Go Green for our conference, we will not have a printed agenda on site. However, in addition to our amazing app (download it!), we have a digital Conference Guide for you to download, read, save to your tablet or smartphone, and/or print if you so desire. ...more

Top 10 Things I Learned at Last Year's BlogHer Conference

10. For several days following the conference you will amble around BlogHerized. Definition: The mind-boggling state of sorting through the Who, Where, Why and When of What you experienced at the conference. ...more
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Must-Follow Monday: The BlogHer '14 Veteran Mentors

We're super-excited about the BlogHer Buddy System and want to help you get to know the veteran BlogHers who volunteered to be mentors for the program. They're awesome women and if you aren't currently following them, take a few minutes and do so now. You won't regret it....more
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Marisa Howard-Karp is a mom, wife, graduate student (Non-Profit Management), and advocate.

As an adoptive parent and a parent to two special-needs children, ages four and six, she is passionate about promoting openness in adoption (and child welfare reform in general) and supporting and connecting with other special-needs families.

In her spare time (stop laughing!) she devours books, cooks insane quantities of food, swims, does yoga (badly), volunteers at a farmer's market, and hangs out on the beach with her family. She is also trying to learn American Sign Language fast enough to keep up with her Deaf four-year-old.

She tends to neglect her blog, Sheeps Eating Me, but makes up for it with more than you could ever want to know on Twitter -- the professional and political slant is at @Marisa_H_K and the personal slant is at @SheepsEatingMe. She is a contributing writer to Support for Special Needs.

You can also find her over on LinkedIn.

Jen Lee Reeves is passionate about social media and advocacy. She is the national social communications trainer at AARP and is the founder of a special needs community, Born Just Right. Reeves trains how to use social media and communicate across platforms. She also shares stories and lessons as a parent of a child who was born with a physical difference. Reeves regularly speaks on the power of social media in business, journalism and the higher education world. She often focuses on ways to improve digital literacy across all generations.

Reeves is married with two kids and a new puppy. She is a fan of technology, running, travel and photography.

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA is founder of, award-winning broadcast journalist, featured writer for The Huffington Post, registered nurse and a leading voice in health offering practical advice for spectacular health focusing on patient|consumer empowerment and engagement, health care social media, health IT, mhealth and healthy living.  Barbara began her broadcasting career in radio as creator, host and executive producer of the award-winning Health in 30® radio show.  She is on the editorial advisory board and consumer health expert at and she is former senior director of clinical affairs at a telehealth company.  Barbara is a medical blogger, freelance writer, speaker, executive producer and health educator, and she is on the frontlines of health care as registered nurse.  She is President of Barbara Ficarra Productions, LLC and is she is consultant, moderator, and media trainer.  She has been quoted as an expert in health care for multiple journals and magazines and has appeared on FOX News Live.  She is a speaker at many professional conferences and seminars, and her professional affiliations include the Association of Health Care Journalists, New York Women in Communications, Microsoft Health Users Group, HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society), and American Telemedicine Association.  Healthin30 has been voted Best Health Blog 2011 by Healthline, and a new nationally syndicated radio, podcast and social media show, A Healthier Life with Barbara Ficarra, produced by George R. Lovelock and Barbara Ficarra is under development.  [@BarbaraFicarra]



Kate Brigham is the Patient Experience Manager at PatientsLikeMe, a website where patients can share information about their health, find other patients like them, and learn from the real-world experiences of others coping with similar symptoms, treatments and conditions. In addition to focusing on community building in her role overseeing a team of Community Managers and Customer Support Specialists, Kate has used her background in user experience design to help create environments and opportunities for interaction that encourage the sharing of rich health data as well as stories which together lead to the development of strong, supportive and engaged patient communities.