Don't Forget to Do These Vital Things Online Before #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us

One of the best things about attending a BlogHer event is the connections you make with other attendees....more
Do your social profiles share who you are and what you care about? Here's how to doublecheck, an ...more

Fancy and Handsome: What We're Wearing to #BlogHer15

"Put your tie on, Mommy! It's so handsome!" she yells from her room. Even though I just picked up, there are clothes all over the floor. Again. There are always clothes on the floor. Dresses, skirts that twirl, and there should be one pair of shorts in that pile somewhere, but we can never find that one approved pair of shorts. Her clothes don't look like mine. She's six. She's so fancy....more
Best. post. Can't wait to see you both! :)more

#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Must-Have: The Going to BlogHer Annual Conference Facebook Group

You just purchased your ticket to #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in New York City from July 16-18. Now what?...more
melisa Hi!  I registered and requested to join, but it's also pending as well: Jacqui Zadik. ...more

I Was in the Closet at Work Until the Vice Principal Asked Me to Lead the LGBT Club

I have long, flowing hair. My nails are almost always immaculately designed thanks to my love affair with fake nails. I have an affinity for basing entire outfits solely around my accessories. ...more
You are an incredible example - I wish I'd had you for English!more

What Being a Survivor Taught Me About Love

There is a richness that comes with survival, an appreciation of life that marks time. A before and after. ...more
Thank you, calmabrave. It is my deepest honor to work with Dr. Mukwege, and be a part of this ...more

Announcing the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us 10x10 Project Presenters

Last year, we introduced a new initiative to the BlogHer conferences: The 10x10 Project. During keynote segments at our 10th Anniversary conference, longtime community members got up and shared 10 minutes about the past 10 years. Since long ago we called BlogHer the "conference the community built" it seemed only natural. ...more
I'm looking forward to it! - Denisemore

I Want You to Get to #KnowMe at #BlogHer15

When Kimberle Crenshaw accepted my friend request on Facebook, I squealed and posted the screen shot on Instagram....more
Thank you @feministajones! I love this post.more

From Welfare to Wealthy Woman: How I Became a Financial Expert

I grew up with a single mom who struggled with a serious mental illness – we were on welfare most of the time, living in low-rent apartments and going to the food bank for bags of dented soup cans and crushed bread. ...more
Gracie1015 Thank you for your tips - I haven't read the Dave Ramsey book yet, but I've been ...more

What I'll Be Wearing at #BlogHer15

I can't believe it, but I will be attending my FOURTH BlogHer conference this year! Of course four years of attending one of my favorite conferences, means that I've written a lot of posts about the experiences—including What I Wish I'd Known Before my First Conference and My Whole 2014 Experience Shoved into One Post. ...more
lindasblogs I usually try to plan my daytime outfit as if I might not get a chance to change. ...more

These Safety Nets Will Get You Through Your Next Challenge

I have taken three giant leaps (so far) in my life. The first was coming out as gay. The second was leaving a job I loved. And the third is what I’m still going through right now: resigning from a CEO position to take time for myself and figure out what’s next....more
Elisa Camahort Thank you!more


I'm a producer for the BlogHer network and Mom to six incredibly loud and opinionated kids who are always right no matter what. I have my black belt in Muay Thai boxing. My passions include Zumba and Crossfit classes, reading and cooking. A desire to eat as close to non processed as possible doesn't mean I don't love me some Diet Coke. And some coffee. Always, with the coffee. We deal with asthma, food allergies, autistic spectrum issues, and smart mouths on a daily basis. 

Laura is the mother of three terrific sons. The oldest, Matthew, is a young adult with autism. She is the author of the book A Regular Guy: Growing Up With Autism, and a contributor to The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. She writes an autism blog for the San Francisco Chronicle that focuses on  helping disabled youth and their families with the transition to adulthood. Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Literary Mama, NPR and

Susan Senator is an author, journalist, public speaker, English professor, Autism Mommy Swami, and the mother of three boys, the oldest of whom is 22 and is severely autistic.

Susan has appeared on the Today Show, NPR and CNN. She is the author of Making Peace With Autism, The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide and Dirt: A story about gardening, mothering, and other messy business. Susan has written articles and essays on disability, parenting, and living happily, in journals like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe. Her writings took her to a state dinner at the White House in honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Special Olympics. 

Susan’s publications and blog can be found at

Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally renowned physician, scientist and expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness. Dr. Peeke is a Pew Foundation Scholar in Nutrition and Metabolism, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland.

Dr Peeke is the lifestyle expert for WebMD’s 90 million members and chief medical correspondent for Discovery Health TV, where she is featured in the National Body Challenge series, and hosts Could You Survive? Dr. Peeke is the New York Times bestselling author of Fight Fat after Forty, Body for Life for Women, and Fit to Live. Her new book, The Hunger Fix: The 3-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction, will launch in September 2012.

Triathlete, marathoner and mountain climber, Dr. Peeke is founder of the Peeke Performance Center for Healthy Living™.