HealthMinder Day Interviews: Making Time for Self-Care

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We started our pre-conference interviews with our BlogHer '12 speakers earlier this week and thought it would be a great idea to also interview some of our HealthMinder Day speakers since this pre-conference event is new to our attendees! If you missed the announcement about HealthMinder Day and don't know what to expect, "the day will focus on expert information and looking at the latest tools, services, sources, and products for taking care of yourself and your loved ones. And for sharing with your online communities." I thought a good first question to ask some of our speakers would be:

What's the #1 tip for self-care that you would pass on to those trying to make time for health and wellness?

AV Flox, speaking at Fitness & Nutrition: Technology Rocks Your Running Socks, speaks to what most people find to be the biggest problem in making time for self-care: time.

For many of us, time is the scarcest commodity. We make resolutions to eat better and exercise, only to be undone by time constraints. I’ve found that to make good on my resolutions I must integrate health into my schedule. I don’t think about tomorrow in terms of when I need to be in to work, but rather, when I need to be up so I can make and have breakfast. I treat all my meals, exercise time and outdoor activities like they’re important clients and guard my “appointments” fiercely.

For those of us who have families and can’t always have me-time, the best way to make time for health is to include it in activities with the kids. A Nintendo Wii or any workout console can turn working out at home into a game everyone can enjoy, encouraging kids and adults alike to keep fit through healthy competition. Outdoor activities like bike-riding, canoeing, hiking and sports can also both entertain and keep everyone fit.

I think the most important thing is to begin to see health as an active item on our schedules, and find ways to make it fun, not just for the kids, but for ourselves, too.

You can get to know more about AV, who also edits both Health & Wellness and Love & Sex here at BlogHer, via her blog, twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Katherine Stone, speaking at Self Care & Social Health: How the Online Community Can Improve Offline Health, thinks about the bigger picture when it comes to this topic.

For me, self-care is all about the mindset. I'm learning that in order to make time for health and wellness I have to be willing to step back and take a wider view of my life, not just what is in front of me right now but where I want to be and how I want to feel 20 or 30 years from now. This summer I committed to taking time to exercise, something I haven't done in years. It has been hard to take that time, because I'm already so busy that I hardly have time to eat or go to the bathroom, much less go to the gym. But I'm focusing on the fact that skipping self-care right now because of all this work means I may have a shorter life, or one in which, as I get older, I'm able to do very little. I don't want that. If I'm unable to take advantage of every opportunity in front of me today because I take time for myself, that's okay, because I hope to be around longer, feel better and enjoy my life.

You can learn more about Katherine at her blog, twitter and Facebook.

Julia Roberts, speaking at Special Needs & Caregiving: Overcoming Burnout and Replenishing Your Reserves, got right to the point.

Don't feel guilty for taking time and energy for yourself in whatever way is best for you to recharge. Then do it regularly.

You can learn more about Julia via her blog or twitter. Also check out Support for Special Needs.

So, the question remains: What's your best advice to make self-care a priority?

If you haven't yet registered for HealthMinder Day, taking place on Thursday, August, 2, 2012 -- the day before BlogHer '12 kicks off in NYC -- you can still register. We'd love to have you take part in this new, informative, fun and inspiring day. Check out the agenda for all of the amazing speakers who will be present. Also, we announced our closing keynote speaker just yesterday! Next week we'll bring you another interview with some HealthMinder Speakers as well, so stay tuned!


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