HealthMinder Day Interviews: Why This Is a Great Pre-Conference Addition!

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HealthMinder DayAs of today, HealthMinder Day is one week and six days away. Don't panic! I thought since HealthMinder Day is new to our pre-conference agenda, it would help all of us -- those already attending and those who can't decide -- to ask some of the committee members a question. Maybe it will help calm the nerves of those who don't know what to expect. Maybe it will make you click and register at the last minute. Either way, I asked the committee behind it all this question:

Why do you think HealthMinder Day is an important addition to the pre-conference agenda?

Two of our committee members shared their unique perspectives on the topic.

Marisa Howard-Karp, speaking on the Blogging About Your Special Needs Child panel, wrote about the value of a community that understands.

I'm really excited that BlogHer added HealthMinder Day because our health is something that impacts us in every single way - how (or if) we get out of bed in the morning, our ability to be present for our family and friends, and the choices we make at every turn. This feels like a chance to connect with other people who are thinking about this in the same way and, in many cases, sharing the same struggles, as will be the case for the Special Needs and Caregiving track. These are the folks who "get it."

You can learn more about Marisa via one of two twitter accounts, @sheepseatingme and @Marisa_H_K or via LinkedIn.

Terry Walters shares her compelling reasoning for getting behind HealthMinder Day.

Eating clean and living well is my passion, but as my career it can challenge me to live that way. HealthMinder Day spoke to me from the very start as an opportunity to address our needs as individuals and bloggers so that we can be supported, connected and successful in both realms. HealthMinder Day reminds us how important it is to take the time to look within, assess and recommit to sharing our passion, our journeys, our wisdom and our gifts in ways that nourishes ourselves and our communities. I expect this day to deliver inspiration and tools to make me ourselves healthier and stronger, so that we can better share that with others!

You can learn more about Terry at Eat Clean,, and via twitter, @TerryWalters.

If you haven't yet registered for HealthMinder Day, there's still time. I encourage you to look at our agenda and ask yourself the question I asked our committee: Why do you feel that these discussions and topics are an important addition to our pre-conference agenda? Then go ahead and register. We'd love to see you there and continue these important conversations -- in person!


Family/Moms & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is an editor, writer and photographer.


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