Healthy Charms Cereal with 4 Flavor Variations

Do you ever buy a product at the grocery store and think man I could totally make this at home and save a bunch of money?

That happens a lot around here.

Like the day I found out we could raise chickens in our backyard. Note: before entertaining the idea, make sure your dog doesn’t like causing bodily harm to innocent chickens.

Rough and tough dog, right here:

Or the time I attempted to recreate Kevin’s favorite chocolate soy pudding. Caution: if your boyfriend is deathly afraid of dried fruit, do not tell him that you used dates in the recipe after he’s enjoyed his first bowl. Just let it be. Only you have to know what the secret ingredient is.

He may never trust me again.

Or when I tried my hand at making rice wraps… which resulted in me spending the afternoon peeling pieces of rice flour dough from the kitchen ceiling.

Although there may not be chicken coups in my future, there will be lots and lots of healthy (and cheap) cereal!

The cereal I’ve recreated – Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax cereal.

The crunch, the slightly toasted grain, the benefits of sorghum on my digestive system, the fiber… it’s just all there. The only downside is that it’s $8.00 a box and each box is ~5 servings.

This is a major problem for a girl that likes 1 bowl/day.

Well, not anymore my friends, not anymore.

Now I can have 4 bowls a day for the cost of 15 bowls of the store-bought kind. Not like I would ever dedicate an entire day to cereal eating. Pfft. Who does that?

And, the best part? I can make them into cool shapes. Ya, I know what you’re thinking… awesome.

You know what else is awesome? You can choose what flavor you want! 4 different flavors?! Aaaand I’ve tried them all.

No matter how much I tried to manipulate this recipe, I couldn’t get the fiber to increase to 6 grams. I really think they use a portion of the outer shell of flax seed. But pretty darn close, right?

You can control the thickness of the cereal by how much you spread the batter out. I liked mine a bit on the thicker side which resulted in a bit of a softer cereal, but Kevin liked his thin and crunchy.

PS: he didn’t know there were raisins in this. Gosh, I hope he doesn’t read today’s post.

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