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We had a lie-in yesterday. Of approximately 20 minutes. This was because there was no school choir. Before you rejoice, it was postponed until today. Apparently there is research out saying working moms are more likely to let their kids watch tv and eat bad food so in solidarity with all working parents, we cuddled up round the telly and watched "60 most dangerous animals", my current favourite programme, after breakfast.  Yesterday it was the turn of the duck-billed platypus. Last week it was hippos and I will never look at a hippo in the same way again. Despite the tv, we had a very healthy breakfast - yoghurts for the two oldest girls and Cheerios [no added sugar] for the youngest. I had crunchy nuts [tropical fruit] and the guinea pigs had a couple of carrots. So brownie points all round.

The girls had after school club again this week. Boy, are we missing my mom who is currently up a mountain in Argentina. It was not as good this time round as last week. No disco, apparently. Next week we move on to exploiting the goodwill of friends to cover the Thursday pick-up.
Work was hectic, as usual. I should definitely have enjoyed the lull over the summer a bit more. There were signs on the door, saying do not enter if you have any swine flu symptoms. I had a bit of a sore throat. Fantastic, I thought. I can head home. However, I knew in my heart of hearts that it was only exhaustion.
I had a meeting on the other side of town so had to get a taxi. I got in the front and made my usual opening comment about the weather. No response. The rest of the journey passed in silence as I couldn't think of one non-weather-related comment which was not about politics, always dodgy grounds in taxis. So it was not until gone noon that I popped into the cake shop over the road, famed for its sacher torte and other delicacies. I have to admit I feel a bit guilty only going in there to buy a Diet Coke, but it is the nearest DC shop to the office.
The day passed in the usual blur of talking to people, writing stuff and organising things. Today is a big day as I am going to get to use the laminating machine again. It really is like magic. For the girls it is no big deal, but they never used to have that kind of thing in my day.
I returned home to the usual chat about sweeties [big girl daughter], babies [bonkers daughter - she has a huge collection, most of them bald - the result of various experiments] and V signs ["It's swearing, isn't it, Mommy?" she asked. "I'll just do it to my baby because she won't be upset because she's not real"] and inevitably the Second World War [rebel daughter's favourite subject]. I am running out of questions to ask her and have to admit that some of the ones I do ask I don't actually know the answer to. I will have to get a good [short] book on the subject.

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