Healthy Eating on the Go

So we're just getting revved up now. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on last week's topic, functional fitness. Keep them coming! We're going to add more episodes on areas we want to work on—back strength, anyone?

This week is about how we snack, or don't snack as the case may be. Personally, I don't snack. I forage. Yep. Like a bunny in the woods. Preparation isn't exactly a strong suit, and we have nothing but a Happy Donuts in the snacking vicinity (don't think I don't think about it), so I search our barren offices for stuff to eat. Sometimes, when it's a birthday, or the foodbloggers in the company made something the night before, there's good stuff to eat, but mostly I'm left to my own devices.
So here's the question I ask here: How do I prepare foods that will give me the most bang for the buck? My expert, Recipe Doctor and nutritionist Elaine Magee, totally delivers here, and so do you bloggers—thanks Balancing Motherhood, Scale Junkie, and Bohemian Revolution (who posted a follow-up on her blog) for your thoughts. I won't say yet that I will practice exactly what you preach about smart snacking, but at least I have more tools to work with.
This is another area we will be attacking together—healthy eating. What are we missing? Give us ideas for what to cover next, and your TIPS please!

As you see here, we're using your ideas, whether you submit them by video, by a Forum post, or here in the comments. If you are blogging your response, tag your post "thejuice" so we can spot it, and if you want to send us short-form video, send it here.


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