Stay Hot Like Raquel Welch by Starting Healthy Habits While Young

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12. Wear the Right Support

Don't skimp on bras. Make sure you have the right size and type for the occasion -- sports bras, going out bras, everyday bras -- to keep your girls properly held up! Also, replace your bras appropriately! You'll thank yourself later when you don't need a lift by age 40.

13. Practice Better Posture

There is nothing more unattractive than a pretty girl that's slouching. And if you make a habit of it, you could mess up your spine. This is not like when people that say if you make a funny face or mueca it'll stay that way -- the curvature of your spine is actually really sensitive! I don't know about you, but I don't consider hunchback a good look. So sit up, shoulders back, and look ahead whenever possible!

14. Get Some Sleep

I know as twenty-somethings we have jam-packed schedules, but you need to recharge or else you'll start getting bags under your eyes, which will transform into horrible sagging. And there's really no coming back from horrible sagging. Avoid all that and get some shut-eye; 7-9 hours a night ideally.

15. Unplug

Besides the fact that holding a phone to your face transfers all sorts of dirt and oil into your pores, you need to disconnect and have some time that's reserved just for you. Whether that's yoga, a hot bath, going to bed -- make sure there's a point in your day when your phone is on silent and everything else but you can wait.

Start practicing these healthy habits now to stay looking young and fabulous!




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