Healthy Living Tips for the Summer


There are a lot of reasons to live a healthy lifestyle in the summer. It's beautiful outside, you want to look good for the bathing suit, or maybe you want to get into a new routine before the cooler months start. Whatever the reason, here are some tips for healthy living in the summer months.

Eat Light

The warmer it is, the more difficult it is to eat heavy foods as they can make you feel hot and heavy. This can work to your advantage, though. Keep meals light and refreshing to battle the weather and keep your body in top condition. Utilize all the open farmer's markets and vegetable stands by stocking your fridge with fresh, local veggies. These are great for a quick salad, a veggie melt sandwich, or even a quick stir fry for dinner. Throw in some beans, nuts or whole grain pasta to cover more food groups and add a little variety to the mix. To battle the influx of barbecues and gatherings that emphasize fatty, greasy food, bring along vegetable kabobs, veggie burgers, or corn on the cob to throw on the grill. Make sure to bring extra, because other people are sure to want to get in on the healthy offerings.


Swim for Exercise

A lot of you, especially those in the more southern regions, may feel that it is just too hot to go outside and run or play a sport. In this case, hit up a swimming pool to stick to your exercise regimen. Swimming is known to be great for toning muscles and increasing stamina, so you'll still be getting a great work out while cooling off in the afternoon. Many local pools have hours of the day set aside for swimming laps only, so use that to your advantage. Also consider joining a water sports team. You'll meet new people, stay cool, and still get that exercise you want.

Protect Yourself

One of the biggest parts of living a healthy life is to make sure your skin stays happy and healthy. It is, after all, the largest organ you have. In the summer months it is so important to protect your skin from sunburn as well as irritants like poison ivy. Be sure to use sunscreen when you go out and wear a broad-rimmed hat. This may seem like common knowledge at this point, but a lot of people think they can get away without it unless they are going to the beach. But sun damage doesn't just happen when you break out the bathing suit, it can occur after any amount of time in the sun. To avoid poison ivy and other detrimental plants, stay on hiking paths and be sure to wear pants and other protective clothing items. If you do get a sunburn or a rash, pack aloe vera and calamine lotion to ease the symptoms.

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