The death of a healthy habit and how to prevent it

We’ve all been there… a really solid string of days where we’ve been working out and enjoying bountiful meals of whole foods, shunning sugar and basically feeling a little smug because we’re so awesome. Then someone has a birthday or a happy hour or a wedding or a…well you get the picture. We over indulge one night, skip just one workout. And then it’s months later and we’re starting our goal all over again....more

Creating a Healthy & Relaxing Evening Routine - vitafusion Review & Giveaway

Before I started my full-time fitness, yoga and writing career, I spent six years working a traditional 9-5 in marketing and advertising. When I had a desk job, my routine was pretty set Monday-Friday. Get up, workout, work, lunch break, work, evening activities, dinner, relax, repeat. My schedule rarely varied and things kind of ran like clockwork. I always knew exactly where I could fit in taking favorite classes, hanging out with friends, cooking, etc. ...more

Vitafusion Love (and enter to win $100 Visa giftcard!)

I have a major sweet tooth. I'm also incredibly horrible at remembering to take pills or any supplements. This isn't the best combination. I've never struggled too much with exercise, and I manage to eat a few healthy meals every so often. But all those gross tasting gel capsules? And extra fruits and vegetables? Usually not happening....more

Stepping Into A Healthier Me This Year (vitafusion™)

Leggings. Jeans. Black pants. Repeat. That was my uniform for more than a year. After putting on more pounds than I care to remember, nothing fit and I just felt ... gross. But while 2013 was about refinding joy in life, 2014 is about thriving -- and that includes taking better care of myself. So I've shed pounds, exercised more and paid a whole lot more attention to what goes into my mouth. Six months later, I feel so much better....more

Vitafusion Plus: New Line of Gummy Vitamins

BlogHer recently offered bloggers the opportunity to try the new vitafusion™ new line of multivitamins called MultiVites Plus. I jumped on it because I've been taking their prenatal gummy vitamin for years -- it was the only vitamin I could keep down during my pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Plus, because they're gummy and taste good, I often remember to actually incorporate them into my daily routine....more

Helping Your Family Find Balance (and a $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!)

I've been involved in some sort of physical activity my entire adult life. Today, I run as often as possible but it doesn't matter what you do. Just get moving. You can make this time social, or a time to be all by yourself. Because of the demands of motherhood, I've always considered working out to be my luxury time. It is a time to put my ear buds in, break a sweat, and let my mind wander and it is something I've always looked forward to. It's not a drag, a chore, or a burden. It's indulgent; a time to take care of myself. ...more

Creating a Healthy Routine with L'il Critters

I like to think that I'm raising pretty balanced, healthy kids. Even though there are a few things we buy from Whole Foods and Sprouts, I don't think we're super "crunchy" folk. Not that I have anything against people who raise their kids on prime produce and only the optimal products of our earth. If anything, I'm a tad jealous. However, our grad-student lifestyle and my general love for a 2am Big Mac stop me from getting too riled up over whatever my crunchy neighbors are eating for second breakfast or dinner. ...more

Keeping My Kids Healthy

If you've been following along here you know the importance I place on being healthy. I'm the maid, I mean the mother of this household, which means I'm the one who is in charge of feeding my family of four. It's important to me to make sure my family is getting all the health benefits food has to offer and to teach my kids good eating habits. ...more

5 Ways to Not Become a Short-Order Chef for Your Children

You know it's coming.... "but I didn't WANT ____________ for dinner" - after you've thought out a well-balanced meal full of love and vitamins. Your 2-year-old stares longingly at the bag of goldfish in the pantry. You stand firm. It's Brussels sprouts or the high road, knowing darn well that at lunch your child had enough goldfish to fill a good sized pond. How do you get your child to be a healthy eater? What do you do if they won't eat?...more

Healthy Habits From the Start

I think it is so important to start healthy habits with Emma Ramey now. We make it a habit to add fruits and veggies into every meal. Brushing teeth, washing hair, and maintaining healthy skin/nails is something we started doing from the very beginning. Emma Ramey also takes a vitamin every day....more