Hearing is the first thing to go

This is day one of BlogShortsa short-story writing challenge. Ten days, ten short stories, 110 words.  This year, we're writing to the theme: The Dog Days of Summer. Yes, I let the dogs out. -BD

Hearing is the first thing to go
by Blogdramedy

"Sorry, but we don't think you're rescue-dog material."

Cujo looked up from cleaning the dried blood from his nails. "What? I was told you had an opening, what with that rookie losing it at the sight of snow. What did you hear? Did Stephen call you?"

Reggie, the recruiter for the Swiss Alpine Rescue Dog Initiative, shifted to his left hind leg and refused to look Cujo in the eye. His right hind leg hovered over the silent alarm.

"Mr. King praised you as a good dog.  It's just...it's the rabbits, man. Chasing rabbits. Not good."

Cujo snarled, eyes glowing red.

Reggie realized he should not have cancelled that hearing test.


Chasing rabbits. Dude, that is so not cool.
Chasing rabbits. Dude, that is so not cool.


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