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I'm actually trying a new experience; my very first blog here on BlogHer.  What better place to bang out my frustrations on my keyboard about women and heart disease.  I think I could wear out a few keyboards if I were to continue on.  Being my first blog I hope to introduce the reality of how life is for women, especially women in their 40's and 50's who have experienced heart attacks, their daily struggles.  I know first hand because I experienced a heart attack ten months ago, July of 2011, I was 54 yrs old and so naive.  All I knew was I felt tired, so tired, in fact I don't think I had ever felt so exhausted in all my life.  Yet, I couldn't sleep.   I attributed being tired to my working long hours.  I taught special education, was finishing up my 20th year.  It was time for me to take a break.  So two months to the very day I left my teaching career I collapsed with a heart attack.  I had two stents put in and sent home with a load of medicine and a huge bill.  I was alone, no support at all.  Don't get me wrong, I have family; I'm married and have two grown sons and five grandsons, friends, but there wasn't anyone and still isn't, that I know who understands what I am experiencing. 


In my quest to understand what happened and to find support I did the very first thing most people do, "Google" it.  I found a few heart support groups for women and even a Facebook group.  I was so happy....yea!!!!!! my hopes up too high and soon discovered much to my chagrin, that these groups are basically nothing more than a group of women flocked together giving lip service to caring and support for other women who have heart disease or experienced a heart attack.   Why does even heart disease have to be political?  Why can't women get along and help each other out and form a sisterhood of support?  It's truly sad.  Perhaps someone will stop by and read my blog or blogs here who does relate and understand.  Life is hard enough struggling to function with our, “New Normals” and the sometimes prejudices in the health field from professionals who don’t understand women’s heart disease.  Sometimes in order to heal we have to allow ourselves the luxury of feeling angry, sad, happy, and anything else in between.  And, for all of us looms the reality of when will it happen again?   Life isn't a popularity contest! 


May your journey in life be filled with much joy and happiness on the way! 



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