The Heart as Metaphor

Heart health is much on my mind this month. But, love is still in the air and the heart has long been thought to be the organ of human emotion. Thus, “I love you from the bottom of my heart” signifies intense and endless love, while “you are heartless” implies the inability to love.

There are many kinds of love – unconditional, familial, platonic, sexual, and unrequited– but for my purposes here, I’m concerned with the romantic kind. I believe that part of living large includes expanding your romantic horizons. No one needs to give in to romantic regret.

Need help to escape the humdrum and to spark romance? Take an intimate break from the daily grind with a sweet interlude at one of my favorite escapes. I’ve also got suggestions for some top romantic spots to fan those amorous flames.

To recharge tired batteries, consider heading to hot spots of vitality to ignite sluggish emotions. Getaways can be about getting in touch with your senses in places with volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs and deep gorges. Machu Pichu, the Himalayas, Grand Canyon, Mount Shasta and countries like Australia and India are dynamic places with spiritual energy you can tap into to name a few.

Why should the Greek god, Eros, or his Roman counterpart, Cupid, be relegated to a single day of celebration. Love isn’t a seasonal occupation. Certainly, the world could use a little more of it. As Emily Dickinson said, “Till I loved I never lived.”

Now that never gets old.

A version of this article appeared on February 16, 2012, in Baby Boomer Interests, by Bette Boomer

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