Heart shaped features

Cosmo, Glamour, even Vogue magazine, used to run articles on "Identifying your face shape". I distinctly remember looking into the mirror with my hair pulled back off of my face, trying to figure out the shape of my face. In about the 8th grade, my sister told me that my face was "heart shaped". Can I express to you how happy this made me? Perhaps not. I was thrilled. I was in love with the idea of love. I was looking for love in all things. A search for something I had almost no context for and something I would have to define for myself. Maybe, just maybe, having a heart shaped face could give me a bit of insurance.

This may seem unrealistic. An idea, coming from a realist like me, that seems to fantastical to have any validity. Well, I was 14 years old. My frame of reference was limited.

I spent the next 10 years or so banking on my heart shaped face. More or less. In 1986 I saw the movie, 9-1/2 weeks. My very first foray into porn....albeit soft porn.

I do not remember the movie in the same way I remember many movies. I do, however, remember the comment being made that Kim Basinger's character had "the most beautifully perfect "heart shaped ass". This line, this comment, this characteristic has stuck with me. Talk about insurance! Imagine what kind of LOVE you could be flooded with if you had a heart shaped face AND a heart shaped ass?!?! Glory be!

Well my ass is not heart shaped so I have to hang my hat on my heart shaped face.

When my first daughter was born, Grace was a vision of loveliness. I had gained 30 pounds with this pregnancy and my girl weighed 5lbs.6 oz. She was chubby and perfect. She had the most beautiful little HEART SHAPED face on earth. And her mouth. These full, perfect, heart shaped lips. I could not have loved her any more. She was my dream come true. My baby girl. My Grace. Her "insurance" policy was priceless. She had 2 heart shaped features. I was blissfully happy.

Grace, as it turned out, needed to cash in her insurance policy within 6 months of being born. Her stroke had left my perfect angel unable to use the right side of her body at all. Over the course of the next 2 years, my Grace endured so much. She developed a technique for "crawling" that involved her pulling herself around on her booty, with one leg and one arm doing all the work. We called it her "spider crawl". Grace was unable to speak any comprehensible words for almost 18 months, and she didn't walk until she was over 2 years old. She was joyfully happy though. She filled our lives with so much love and happiness as well. Grace has a patterned behavior that she has been doing for her entire life. We call it "doing feet". Technically it is a dopamine surge that causes Grace to rapidly kick her feet or squeeze her hands tightly shut and she sort of glazes. Her breathing is halted a bit as well. Grace does this when she is excited or happy. We are so used to it and she has been able to control it a bit so she doesn't do it at school. Before she could walk, doing feet was exhausting. She would literally wear herself out kicking her little legs for hours. Grace, to this day, has the most defined 6 pack you will ever see on a child. All that leg kicking etc. Well, as you may have guessed, it doesn't stop there. Grace has the most amazing HEART SHAPED booty on planet earth. All that leg kicking has created this unbelievably perfect body.

It is the trifecta of heart shaped features. My Grace has an insurance policy that is whole life, with a 100% guaranteed premium. All of the minuses have only made the plusses that much more appreciated. She is the picture of love. The definition of strength and miracles. I love her to bits. Everyone does. We all do.

Happy Valentine's Day to the man who gave me the most amazing love ever. To my Grace who shows me what a loving heart is really all about. And to my Lea Jane, my baby girl who has more love to give than time to give it. I am lucky. And blessed.


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