Heartbroken Over Pennsylvania School Stabbings: How Are We Failing Our Kids?

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We need to prepare our kids for the world in which they live; and it's not such a nice place.  Bad things happen to good people every day.  Just ask the parents of the students in surgery right now outside of Pittsburgh.

We failed all the players today and it's time to find solutions.  Don't accept bullies in your own life or in your kids' lives. But teach them how to cope. Explain to them that the bully is often, not always, but often, in terrible pain too.  Tell them that not being included in the party doesn't have to define your the way you think of yourself.  Celebrate their success and teach them how to recover from failure.

I'm heartbroken and I'm scared.  Days like today shouldn't happen.  They are our kids and we owe them more.  We need to do better.

I will be praying for all involved; the innocent victims, their families and their friends.  I will also pray for the perpetrator because to make sense of this, I have to believe that somehow, somewhere along the line, this boy has been terribly hurt himself and at some point, will understand that he is to spend the rest of his life agonizing over his actions today.

Just heartbroken.


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