♥ Trying Not To Be Judgemental.

I like to think I'm pretty open minded. Many of my friends have commented on that about me and some can't believe just how open minded I am. However, I believe it's human nature that we are judgemental on occasion. I don't ever want to be, but sometime....shit happens!

There is a blog I've been reading for many years and the blog owner is someone that I have quite a bit of respect for. She lives her life in a completely different manner than I do. Their parenting style is completely opposite of mine but I really enjoy reading her blog. The main reason is because reading about how other people do things really interests me. There are so many different ways to raise children, and I like to read about people that do it differently than me cause I just find it incredbly interesting.

Today I read something on her blog that made me scratch my head and say, "WTF?"  Her post was about raising her daughter to be a housewife. Not encouraging her to go to college. In fact, it almost leaned towards encouraging her to NOT go to college as if it's a bad thing. I don't know why, but it didn't sit well with me and made me kind of....sad? I don't know what word I'm looking for. Like I said, I try not to judge but it was hard when I read that. I realize that in some religions the woman is supposed to be a homemaker and the man should work. The feminist in me just wants to scream, "NOOOOOO!!!!!!" Not because there is anything wrong with being a homemaker (believe me, I think it's the absolute HARDEST job i the world.), but because it bothers me that some women are raising their daughters and forcing this on them SO early. Her daughter is six!  I want my daughter to grow up and make the decision on her own about what she wants to do with her life - whether it be having 10 kids and staying home or going to college to be a doctor.  My daughter helps with household chores/laundry/etc but that's because I want to teach her responsibility and because I think it's important she knows how to do these things. But my purpose is not to shove that down her throat so that when she gets older she will have no goals or aspirations to do something that makes her happy.

Again, I'm not knocking being a homemaker/SAHM. I was one when I was married and now I have no choice but to work. I guess it just bothers me that some parents are pushing their kids to do what they feel  is the correct career path/life goal at such a young age. I am so thankful that my parents let me figure that out on my own. My mom encouraged me to do what made me happy - whether that meant going to school - or just working a full time job after highschool. Of course she was there to guide me when I needed it but she never forced any of it on me.


This goes for parents that push anything on their kids - sports, pagents, etc.

I'm trying really hard not to be judgemental but it seems that I am anyway. I don't know why, but that just really got to me. I'm interested to hear your opinions on this!

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